Inti Pre-U Night 13/04/12


This is about a Pre-U night that our school organized.
they had catering that night
food was not really good =/
to say the least of it.
games were a bit bland.
so ya we took pics.
and worst i did not bring my camera =((
so i don't have much pics. all the pics below r from my phone camera.
some group pics are not w/ me
but you can visit Chia Lynn's Blog to see the pics we took =))
so off to the pics?!!
they had a bond fire for the opening ceremony. 

 catering food. A mix of nasi lemak and satay and spaghetti? :/
 Eileen!! so cute!!
 a view from the 7th floor of the 6th floor =)
 Band performing, while my friends were bbq-ing marshmallow =)
 potn!! from my phone =\
that all for that night =)

love me!xoxo

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