I Finally Met You ♥


After chatting for so long
we decided to meet up.
I was worried we don't have any topic to talk about
because we haven't met for almost 2 years.

In the end, i was wrong.
we chatted more than i expected. =D
we were chatting non stop, catching up with each other =)) 

So, I went to your house 1st,
didn't change a bit haha =D
except for your new wallpaper that i really love!!

while waiting for you, i took selfies haha
saw your giraffe sitting there,
so it became my prop =D 

Little miniature Jacky/Jacob, posing for me =D

Then, you were ready and u drove us to our destination =D

Off to QB!!
After we parked, we just went around walking.
but our main reason is to do pedicure!!
i admit i haven't done pedi or medi before ,
so this is the 1st time.
we went to Summer Nail & Spa.
 service ain't bad =/
love the setting in the shop
feel cozy enough =)) 
 i wish i have this kind shelf in my room x.x

Hey Dear !!  ♥
green tea for us to drink!!

so much colours for us to choose =D

While waiting, 
we took our own selfies ♥♥
our 1st pic after 2 years!! ♥♥♥

us w/ our crazy face ♥♥♥

Then, our nails were done =D 
this is the colour i chose =P
LOL my fat foot x.x  
i chose a bluish green glitter colour =D 

Then we went to Uniqlo =D 
we had fun in the dressing room actually =DD 

After that, dinner!! 
haha we only ate a little bit of carbo only =D 
then off to desserts =D 
i ♥ hui lau shan 
yums!! *thumbs up*

selfie time again =DD 

Last pic of our outing =))

you were and now still my best friend
ever since primary school, 
we have been friends for 7 years now.
even though we don't see each other that often.
but we still managed it!!
and still let our relationship grow even stronger.
Sabrina, i ♥ you!! XP
Miss you always!! 

love me!xoxo ♥

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