nov project----DONE!!!


i had this kind of thing which i called it
my 'project'
is actually a painting activity
i bought this thing at ISETAN
when i was in KL
well cuz is kinda a new stuff so why dont i try it
anyway my holiday is bored n nothing 2 do
so yea
it's call PIY [paint it yourself]
n it is kinda like oil painting
it already had all the lines draw out for u
n put what no. 2 colour on
all u have 2 do is colour!!!
but is a hard thing 2 colour
because it is not a paper 2 colour on it..
is kinda like a cloth
so here is the progress : ----

 i started from left 2 right

 wa lah!!! it's finish!!
n i finished it today BTW just now~!!!
me with my proud 'project' =)))

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