ok ok now i just realize that today's date is all double no.
nice =DD
ok ok today i woke up at 7 something in the MORNING!!!
ya i know right is the  holiday n i need 2 wake up this early morning
need 2 go to tuition lo
haiz one more 2 go n no more BM tuition =DD
den in the afternoon i did my oil painting =))
almost done le~
den i cleaned my messy messy room ...
den i had my last maths tuition =DD
he came 2 my place 2 tuition haha
happy?? sad?? weird??
damn great haha
den at after tuition..
i went 2 tutti frutti 2 buy as my dinner..
and my mom's
it was my mom's idea
best idea ever mom!!
den went over 2 QB 2 buy TWILIGHT SAGA : BREAKING DAWN PART 1 tickets
thursday yeah!!!!
1st day came into penang!!
5'15pm show..
a little promo~~~~

den after de show i will go to church practice =))
happy happy day!!

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