yeah my life nowadays is quite bored..
i do have a PIY [paint it yourself] picture that i bought from KL from the last trip
well getting 2 it~!

in school~~~~
is bored
everyday is bored!!!
i gonna read finish my 2nd novel in school already..
because is bored..
n me n my friends well
i dont know why..
maybe is too shy..
well it is for me to start talking with someone~
so yea i just sit there n read n go into my imagination~!!! =DD

well i got nobody 2 date with me 2 watch breaking dawn [part 1]

24/11 that is the 1st day here in m'sia n i'm gonna watch on that day~!
n 2day Tintin is here n i wanna watch that too
in the end of the month will have happy feet 2
n i wanna watch abduction!!
haven't watch yet~!!
many shows =))

n one more thing
it brothers me..
he texted me again~
like he wan me badly AGAIN i dont know it is weird
from what happened last time i dono i could trust him anymore right~?

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