yesterday i went down 2 town
went 2 a jewelry shop with my mom n mom's aunt
they talk there for a long long time...
the whole table is full with jewelry, diamonds especially =DD
so we sat there for almost 2 hours or more..
mom bought new stuff again...
den we head for lunch - sawara !! =DD
miss that shop a lot but still have great food
den went over to baptist book store!!
went 2 that shop once a year haha
bought new comic book abt bible story
love that comic..
then we went over 2 sunshine square
mom wants 2 buy new pillows
but we bought more than that
we bought new t-shirts and i bought new nail polish =DD
bought SHINY purple n pink/ transparent [ not sure ]

 and i coloured it

2day i'm gonna watch the movie i'm dying 2 watch haha

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