Sephora Haul!!


Hi Hi!!! =D
I did some shopping in my local Sephora.
I bought these items in a few different times.
And yes, you can imagine how many times I visited Sephora in just a matter of a couple of weeks.
But also with a excuse of that I have a Sephora voucher and I just want to use it up!

My cousin came back from Australia last 2 weeks ago.
And we did, well she did some major shopping.
I bought a few items here!

Some of the Butter Nail Polish was deducted down to RM15 per bottle!
Like what?!!!
And I love Butter Nail Polish!
The original price per bottle was RM57!
So, when I saw that it was so cheap, I couldn't help myself!
Pistol Pink was the colour I chose after a hard decision!
I wasn't in the period of finding any mascara, cause I owned a few already.
But like I said above, I was shopping with my cousin.
So we explored all kinds of beauty products.
And then tried the Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara and also the Benefit - Roller Lash.
Both are really well known mascara that lots of beauty bloggers and vloggers rave about.
Let's go back, so I tried the Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara while my cousin tried the Benefit one.
I did see amazing results after I apply it and also fell in love with it, my lashes were longer!
Then we left the store for dinner with our parents.
My aunt was the first one who commented on my lashes.
I was still thinking on whether I should buy it or not.
Adding with my aunt commented on how long my lashes were, I was sold!
But, for one original size of mascara is RM82, which is kinda out of my budget.
So I bought a mini size/ travel size which is about RM47.
And thinking of trying it out first for a few times and see. =)
With what I mentioned above, I have a RM30 off voucher on Sephora products only.
I have to buy Sephora products up to RM50, so that I can use the voucher.
So I chose this Nail Patch Art in the design - My Floral Mini Dress from Sephora.
Here's a close up of the nail sticker design.
If you guys know me long enough, you all will know I love my flowers! ♥♥
And so this is immediately in my basket!
Can't wait to use it!
So tell me if you guys want a review or anything!
And also comment down below to tell what is your favourite make up product! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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