FatBaby Ice Cream


Hi Gals and Guys!!!

I love Ice Cream!
Love Love Love! ♥♥
Can't never get tired of it!
Can't live without it!

So my brother told me and mom that Huey & Wah Cafe he visited when he was in Penang sells FatBaby Ice Cream.
Well me and mom have no knowledge on FatBaby ice cream at that time.
So, bro brought us there to try.
Cause he keep saying that is good!
There's only 4 flavour available here in Huey & Wah which are:
Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple Crumble and Salted Caramel.

Tried the Apple Crumble ice cream, fell in love with it immediately! ♥♥

Just so you know, FatBaby Ice Cream mostly based in KL.
Their store which is located in SS 15 opens only on Fridays and Weekends.

I was in KL last two weeks ago.
And since I became a fan of their Apple Crumble ice cream.
Asked my brother to bring me to the store to try some other flavours.
They have a variety of unique flavours that no where else have.
It's definitely worth a try!

We went with my huge family!
Aunts and cousins were there!
So my aunty ordered waffles together with the ice creams!
'Get Stuffed' contains 2 waffles and 5 ice creams worth RM40.
We were so full after dinner, but this is too good to not waste it!
So, we had finished it anyway! =D

FatBaby mostly distributes their ice cream to cafe or store to sell.
Here's the list!

I do recommend it! Like seriously recommend it!
Apple Crumble would be the first choice to recommend.
Then maybe Lemon Sea Salt! =)
If you guys did try it, tell me what flavour you all love!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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