Nails for Fall!


Hi Hi!!! 

I'm back with a short post on my nails! =) 
Just did a nail colour with my cousin and aunt in the nail salon. 
And I was in love with this new shade that I never wear before. 
I chose the glitter one for my ring finger in the shade of a darker gold or a brownish gold colour. 
*So sorry! I forgot to look at the name of the nail polish, but they are from O.P.I.*
Then on the other fingers, are just a light nude colour shade. 

I love the result so so much. ♥♥
Well one, I never wear a nude colour before, so this is a first. 
Then, the combination colour is just so ready for F/W season. 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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