Redang Island Trip [Day 2]


Hi HII! =D
Now for my readers/ friends who read about my Redang Trip [Day 1]
Here's my Day 2!! =D

On the 22nd of May 2015.
Woke up early for breakfast for our next snorkelling trip!
Trip was at 9am.
So ya, I had more time after breakfast, cause I woke up at 7am+ and walked around the resort.
But most of all, main reason is to take pics =D

Romper : Dotti

Morning scenery!!

As you guys can see, I got a lot tanner!
*cry buckets*
Any idea on how to become fairer back? =(
I really wanna know!!
The whole place was seriously empty, which I like. =D
There's a few people walking around.
But no major crowds!
A perfect place to just rest =D (or take pics =P)
We head over to the Marine Life Park to snorkel!
The place is develop for tourists to go there and snorkel.
We are able to feed the fishes there, so bring bread!! =D
This is how awesome the whole place is!
There's more fishes and different colours of corals compare to the last snorkelling trip.
And the sea is just so clear!
I'm always in awe whenever I see this pic. =)
Here we come with my underwater snorkelling pictures! =D
Hi Hi with the fishes!! =D 
And with NO LIFE JACKET!!!
I haven't been swimming for ages!
And I was able to swim in the sea is because of the life jacket.
But when the photographer asked us to take it off, because it's much more cooler.
I was contemplating about it.
I was seriously depending on the swimmer/photographer dude, after I took off the life jacket!
But it came out with this awesome picture, and I seriously owe it to those great guys!
They are really friendly and loves to joke around with you! =D
And of course, here come another small eye pic.
They asked us to jump!
I mean like what????
Jump in the water????
Ya, my bro did it.
I'm still half jumping when it took the pic. Hahaa!!
And yes, my eyes were open!! ><
Remember that I mentioned in my last post that there's this Hong Kong movie filmed there at the resort.
Here's the building!!
It changed its' place from the centre of the beach to the side of the beach.
And because I love their clear sea here, I couldn't stop taking pics of it! 
So, enjoy!! =D 
And since, there's nothing much for us to do.
The one more activity left for us to try is archery!
Disclaimer: I was never good at sports and never really a fan of it. Yes, I do know some things about football and badminton. But the sports genes all went to my brothers instead. =/
So here's My First Time Trying Archery!!

RM10 for 20 arrows, idk that if this is cheap or not.
I don't really wanna know.
I think my posture is wrong also! Lol!
Don't take it seriously!! Idk what I was doing, cause there's no one to teach me.
Okay there is, but I need time to figure it out on myself, instead of people telling me how.
I did manage a few arrows on the board, which I'm proud of! Lol!
And of course, my brother is way better than me! ><
In the end, my arm was aching and I gave up! Lol
Yay for first timer =)
Head back to the beach and relax for a while! =)
Sea, sea, sea 
And that's the end of my second and also my last day of my trip in Redang Island.
We head back to KL, the next morning. =)
I'm really grateful and blessed that God made all these for us to enjoy and appreciate!
Learn to love the nature.
Stay a way from all the electronic devices for a few days won't cause you any harm.
I was really able to relax when I was here. =)
And I was glad that I came!

Love Me!! XOXO 

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  1. You're too cute, Sarah. My wildest dream is to snorkel as I don't know how to swim. Loved all the pictures :)

  2. wow...the sea looks so beautiful ..and your underwater pic wish fishes is really awesome!

  3. I wish to go Redang again.. The sea is so crystal clearly beautiful!

  4. oh my goodness this island looks so beautiful, it really looks like paradise! I love your playsuit btw :) x
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  5. Omg !!! Lovely pictures and this island is so beautiful.. Serene and peaceful <3 I so want to try snorkeling, may be one day :) x

  6. Such a breath taking place. Amazing pictures, you must had great time :)

  7. the place looks beautiful! would love to visit one day but then again, I can't swim (and is afraid of the sea) so.... there's so many things I cannot do there.

  8. your romper is so cute! omg i haven't seen a sea this blue before! it is so beautiful

  9. i still cannot get over how beautiful the beach is!!

  10. Totally in love with your snorkeling pictures.its awesome that they have Archery as well.

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  11. OMG! the island looks so relaxing! Unfortunately i stay out of water because I cant swim :(

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  12. its good to know your activity while holiday.
    very interesting view and place.

  13. wow the under water pictures look so cool I really want to buy the waterproof vlogging camera now to capture all the fun moments.

  14. The photos are amazing! This is such a beautiful place.

  15. Ahhh this post wants me to go traveling especially the beach. So beautiful, relaxing and fun. I'd love to take underwater pictures, too, along with the fishes. :) This is a perfect summer getaway.

  16. Oh lovely! I have never been to read get despite numerous thoughts and attempts. Must try harder to make it happen!

  17. I love all your posts, them make me want to pack my bags and venture out.
    - Heena,


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