Pit Stop ♥ Coffee Smith 30/7/14


Heeellllooooo!!!  =D
This is another small outing with my bestie Ee Yin. =)

From the title, I guess you can see where we went to.
So let' just get started, shall we?

Pit Stop is a place that many of my friends recommended me to go.
They told me that their carbonara is really good.
I went in the morning, and I don't want to fill my stomach too much, so I didn't order it.
But I will go again next time to try it! =)

This cafe served all day breakfast!!
Isn't that cool or what!

The interior has a vintage look with some antique stuff in it.

Anyway, I ordered Berry Banana Pancake RM10
It's served with pancake, banana, strawberries, walnuts and ice cream!!

Awesome or what?!
I had ice cream in the morning as my breakfast! lol

I love the pancake, but it's a little bit thick for me.
I rate it 7/10

If I'm not wrong Ee Yin ordered Bacon and Cheese Sandwich for RM12
It served with potato wedges as the side. =)

I guess the make up bug caught me, and I did some make up which is rare!
I mean of course I put BB cream before I go out, is just that today's look is added with some eyeliner and trying out my new brow kit.
So, taaadddaahhhh!!
My simple make up look. =)

[Which I don't do it more than 5 times in a year] Lol!!

What I wore :
Top : Debenhams
Shorts : Voir Jeans
Shoes : Aldo

Then we just sit and chat for a long time!!

At around 11'30 am, we head over to the new cafe called Coffee Smith.
Heard many good reviews on their food.
So we went over to give it a try as our brunch. =D

When you first step in, there's this weird smell.
Is it just me or you guys who went before smell it to?

The interior =)

We were quite full from our breakfast, so we decided to just share our brunch.

Ordered a Potted Cocoa for around RM 12 [ I don't really remember the price ]
Is like Chocolate Ice Blended. =)
So is just 6/10.

My bro went there before, and told me to try their Linguine. And I did. =)
So this is one of their best seller called Scallop and Mentaiko Cream Linguine for RM22

The first time you taste it, you will definitely say it's good. ♥♥
This dish is totally worth the money, for RM22 you can get two huge scallop.
Which I feel is really worth it. =)

I'll give this dish 7/10 =)

And that's the end of our little food adventure around Penang.

Happy that I get to hang with you again before our huge exam approach.
Good luck in yours and study smart ya!
Don't stress yourself too much =))
Hearts ♥♥

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Nice place to hang out with besties and family ;) The food looks so yummy :D

  2. I love the interiors of this place. It has a cool vibe.. :) You and your bestie look cute. giglove

  3. Ooo I love the interior of this! You're such a cutie :)

  4. The interior has such a cool retro feel! ^ w ^


  5. Penang does seem to have some lovely vintage cafe's, definitely worth a visit the next time I head on there. I'm also digging the all day breakfast concept, cant wait to sample some soon.

  6. both cafes are soooooo pretty! and the soil drink is so cute!


  7. I just love the vintage look in Pit Stop. If I come to Penang, I will definitely drop by here.... GigLove

  8. nice cafe, the interior is cozy.. The potted cocoa seems yummy and delicious.


  9. Nice place... I love the food. Someday if I have chance, I'll go to this place.. :D Nice post, dear..

  10. I love the interior design of the two restaurants. When I visit Penang, I'll definitely dine in there. :) Giglove

  11. I love the interior and the food looks so delicious. Glad you had a wonderful time. GIG :)

  12. oh yummy yummy..but the breakfast dont look interesting ler!!

  13. the dessert and also main course all soo delicious! <3
    love your review ;)

  14. I love breakfast - This restaurant sounds like a great choice! <3 GIGLove

  15. What a cute place! Such pretty interiors and I LOVE the little pink cups. :)

  16. The food looks great, especially the Berry Banana Pancake. :)

  17. Oh wow! The food looks delicious!! I love how the restaurant was decorated.

  18. The cafe looks great. I love how it is decorated. Instagram friendly. Haha. The food looks good too.


  19. That sure is a relaxing day out. Amazing pictures. #giglove
    Follow each other via GFC?

  20. Both cafes are cute and nicely decorated! That pasta looks delicious too!
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  21. omg the food look so tempting and I love the decorations there! Must go when I go penang hehe


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