MoonTree 47 Cafe ♥ Hercules 29/7/14


Hey hey pretties =))
Now as promised, I'm gonna post another post up this week.
And so here I am =D

Went out with my high school buddy, Purdy =)
We haven't met for almost a year plus, so it was a joy to see her again!
All we did was just catching up with each other.
Nothing much to say =D

Purdy is a huge fan of MoonTree 47 Cafe's food.
So she brought me over there, since I've never been there before.
The store is right beside the Camera Museum, so it should be easy to find =)
And yes, MoonTree Cafe is on Muntri Street. =)

I had Egg Benedict with side salad.
It was a little salty for me.
So yea. The portion is quite big, I like that =)

Purdy love, I really mean LOVE their French Toast.
So maybe you can go try it out =)
Cause there's bacon in it =D
Anything that has bacon in it, is always nice! =))

No photo taking in the cafe, so sorry I can't show you how it looks inside. *shrugs*

Then as any normal hang out, we went to watch Hercules.
Not a good film to watch.
After I came out from the cinema, my mind was like : that's a waste of money. =D
And it's true.!

If you're truly curious about the film, just buy DVD or just watch it online.
It's really not worth those movie tickets to go and watch it. =/

Finally pics of Purdy and me =D ♥♥

So, I guess that sums up what I wanna say in this post =)
Have a great weekend!!
And I'll 'see' you guys next week =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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  1. Love the banana in this - def gonna try it!

  2. Nyam-nyam the food looks simple but tasty <3 would love to go to that cafe someday <3 GigLove

  3. I didn't watch Hercules too, first Dwayne Johnson can't act. Secondly, the previous remake already was bad, I didn't think this one will be any better.
    But those food looks really yummy!

  4. oh that eggs benedict looked delish! thanks for sharing your experience with this cafe! glad you had a great time with your friend! -GigLove

  5. The egg benedict looks delicious. It making my mouth water :D

  6. The salad look so delicious... And the movie. I watched it too. The story is something different from the ancient Greek tale.

  7. The food looks tasty. Sorry to hear about the movie. I haven't watched it because of the bad reviews.

  8. Can't say more since this time is near to lunch.. Hunger overload! LOL! I guess I have to visit this place someday.. Great post, dear!

  9. I was warned about hercules! Good thing i didnt see it. But i would love to see more greek inspired movies though

  10. Lovely pictures of the food! And I did watch Hercules and I LOVED it!! The experience of the movie you get from watching in an IMAX cannot be matched with that of watching at home! But of course you'll enjoy this movie only if you are Greek Mythology Buff and an ardent Action movie fan!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  11. omg please that bacon tho!
    makes my mouth watering so bad ..

  12. Those are some amazing pictures... I'd sure love a movie date night like that.

  13. oh i love to try the french toast with bacon!!! it look yummy!!

  14. I totally agree with your statement regarding bacon! Anything that has bacon in it, is always nice!

  15. you always visit all the yummy places! i actually haven't sent the trailer to the film

  16. It is always great fun to meet up old friends and amazing food just makes the occasion all the more happier. Glad you had a good time. gig.

  17. Hanging out with friends is always a great time! The food looks delicious!

  18. Looks like a great meal. Thanks for sharing about your day!

  19. Omo! The food looks sooooo delicious! Haven't watched Hercules yet, I think the last time we went to watch movie is, Transformers! :D


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