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Helloo pretties and handsomes =))
Today, I have to warned you guys, yes this is a warning!! =D
I'm shoving food pictures in your faces. *evil laugh*
I tried my best to take better pics of food, so comment down below and tell me how I did it =))
Thanks =))

Another small heads up!!
This post is gonna be super duper long, but there's lots of pic for you to see =))
Let's get going shall we?? =))

So, after much discussion and planning, LC Nicole and Me decided to go on a food hunt / cafe hunt.
Nowadays, many types of cafes are opened in Penang =)
We chose 4 to go try it out.

Cozy in the Rocket

This store opened from 11am onwards.
We had a hard time finding the store because it doesn't have name board outside the store.
Well it does, it was written down at the beam in such small words. [gosh!!]
Anyway, it is located between Armenian Street and Beach Street. When you saw the wall painting, just walk a bit futher, and you will see it on your left. =)

Many people have complain about their service here, and why we decide to go try?
Well it's homemade pasta, why not try it? =)
Since we knew this store have slow service, we decide to reach at around 11+am
So we don't have to wait so long, and I do recommend that.

Very old school interior, the chairs are old metal chairs and the table is like school wooden tables, just higher and bigger a bit.

Click to enlarge and zoom it, if you guys wanna see the menu.

The outdoor sitting area =)

What I don't like with the rules here is that every person should order something.
Me and my friends wanted to try one plate of pasta to share, cause we still have other places to go and eat not wanting to fill our stomachs so fast.
Then the worker said, one order per person, so if there's 3 of us, we have to order 3 orders.
So in the end we ordered 3 different things to try.

Homemade Gnocchi with Pork Bacon and Gorgonzola  Rm28

It's made out of flour and it have a sticky consistency. Very gooey. Not my type of tea.
But it's something new for me.
I would give this dish 6 out of 10.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Bacon  RM23 

The raw egg yolk is something new for me too =)
And their carbonara is not white!
So that's something new also. =/
I would give 8 out of 10.

BTS of Nicole's pic =D

Matcha Creme Brulee  RM12 
We ordered the cheapest dessert they have.
I personally don't really like it.
And don't go try it, we ordered it is because of the rule and not wanting to fill our stomach too quickly and to save our money on something better later on =)
So don't go try it.
4 out of 10. =/

The Alley 

This cafe has been really popular for it's Churros and Cronut. 
So finally!! Finally I'm here to try it =D 
Opened from 12pm - 12am Daily
It's located at Steward Lane.  

A very cozy interior that I like =)
Small and cozy =))

The back sitting area =)

It happens to be raining that day, and I think their kitchen is outside. 
They told us that our food will be slow a bit because of the inconvenience. 
So while waiting, selfie time =D

The only pic with the 3 of us =D ♥♥

Lenglui = pretty girl  =)

LC and Me =)

Since the next day is LC's birthday, and we are short on budget to buy a cake for her.
I ask one of the workers to help us write 'Happy B'day LC' for her =))
Smart me =D ♥♥
And it came out really pretty =))

This is our small surprise gift for her =DD

Cronut with Nutella  RM8 
The Nutella is just a perfect combo with the Cronut. ♥♥
I would give this 8 out of 10 =))

Happy Birthday LC!! Love ya always

Churros with Cinnamon Sugar  RM7

I would give this 6 or 7 out of 10 =/

Bibis Fashion and Bakery Cafe 

This cafe is located opposite Gurney Paragon at Kelawai Road. 
Opened at 9am to 7pm. Closed on Every Tues.  

I came here is because I wanted to try their bread.
My cousin is a fan of this bakery, so I wanted to give it a try =)

Tea for the older =D haha

Hot Honey Lemon Tea 

Egg Benedict with Salad  RM12.90 

Their poach egg is perfectly done.
And it's really good =)
Their Egg Muffin is also quite good. =) But I prefer Rainforest Bakery Egg Muffin.
I would rate this 7 out of 10. =))

After all that eating, we wanted to walk around, so we head over to Paragon =D
But really though, once you feel like eating, you just can't stop =D [ Just kidding ]

Miam Miam 

Miam Miam is a popular place for it's pasta and desserts, which is located in Gurney Paragon. 

Mac and Cheese  RM23.80

Although it's simple Mac and Cheese but it taste great!! Love cheese!! =DD ♥♥
8 out of 10 =D

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle  RM16.80 

It's very chocolaty, so if you love chocolate.
You should give it a try =)
7.5 out of 10. =))

After a whole day of eating and chatting we decided to go home. =))
But before we go, pictures is a must to take. ♥♥

Crop Top : Materials
Shorts : Voir Jeans
Shoes : Aldo

And of course taking pcis with my besties =D
Nicole have fun doing your intern in Shah Alam la ha =D
And good luck!! ♥♥♥

Good luck in your exam LC!!
Can't wait for your holiday, so we can hang again =D Lol!!!

Hope you guys have fun reading this post and because of me you guys got hungry or craving for any food!! =P

Love Me!! ♥♥♥♥

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  1. wow! that's some major cafe hopping in 1 day. i really love Cozy In The Rocket and The Alley's interior design. but CITR's creme brulee really looks unappetizing. =.="
    TA's churros look not that bad though, but usually the cinnamon sugar is served coated and with choc sauce as dips and not with the sugar as dip. hmm, a little weird here.

  2. Everything looks so yummy! The place you ate at looks like it has such a nice and chill atmosphere too.

  3. The food looks delicious and the desserts are making my mouth water. You are looking lovely dear. Lot of GIG love :)

  4. The food looks so yummy and the desserts are making my mouth water. You are looking beautiful dear. Lots of GIG love :)

  5. The cafe is really vintage,the plate,the cup. i love it.
    the food looks really yummy and the desert ,is that chocolate souffle?

  6. I love the idea of this, there is something for everyone. I love drinking tea and like to go to vintage cafes. You take great food photos!

  7. very big sins i open your blog in the middle of the night!
    i want that delicious food so bad :(
    nice review !

  8. The cafe looks really great and cozy! All your food photos make my mouth water lol.

  9. The place looks great and cozy. Definitely a place for hangout and catching up with your friends. The food looks delicious too.

  10. You are a PROPER foodie I must say :-D Drool worthy dishes and OMG I so want to dig in to Mac & Cheese and Chocolate Souffle :) Lovely post x

  11. The cafe looks really nice! Your photos are awesome.. :D The food looks really delicious.. :D

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  12. i love it when the cafes use chalkboard to write their menus :D the match creme brûlée didn't look appetising since i love matcha :/

  13. The place looks really nice and everything looks delicious! Well, maybe except for the Matcha Creme Brulee? XD

  14. wah wah so many so hungry now...ermmm im eyeing the carbonara..but why it is black???does it taste better than the white one??and i love that flower teapot so pretty!!!!

  15. That Cronut with Nutella + B'Day message is such a fun surprise. :)

  16. Oh wow!!! All that food looks super yummy! Glad you had a good time. gig

  17. Love all the cafe. They are so beautifully decorated. And thqt chocolate souffle looks so so yum!

  18. What adorable restaurants! I love the cute, homey vibe - Looks like you had a wonderful time dining out! <3 GIGLove


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