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Finally back after some busy days!
I was busy with my Christian Fellowship Camp (FOCUS Camp) up in the Blue Mountains.
That was fun!
And now I'm half working (meh~ kinda), I got an internship during the holidays, and I'm glad that I'm able to slowly step into the working world.
So we'll see how it goes! =)
Internships here and in Malaysia is different.
I only have to go to work for 2 days/week. And only work for 3-4 hours a shift.
So it ain't that bad.
A slow step into the working world indeed.

But let's go a bit before these all things happen.
I went out with my good friend, who was willing to drive me around and also bring me around Sydney like a local!
So I get to visit these cafes that only the locals know. (or mostly the locals know hahaha!)

Let's begin this Dessert Day!


Black Star Pastry

Well I mentioned Black Star Pastry before, when I first came to Sydney.
My cousin introduced me their famous Strawberry & Watermelon Cake!
Since then, I fell in love with it! And have been craving for it ever since!
So we made a trip over to Newtown to grab the cake!
Also, it is sooo worth for the pictures again!
A piece of cake costs $7.50, not a cheap cake I know, but worth all the money! =)

Also worth all the different angles! =D

Doux Amour

I saw these cute puffs on instagram, and by the way, follow my insta @sarahlee95 and I just wanted to go to this cafe to check it out!
And yes it's adorable and cute and just irresistible!
How can it be so cute!!??
So from left to right:
Frog: Matcha Flavour
Penguin: Black Sesame Flavour
Pig: Rose and Lychee Flavour
Bear: Nutella Flavour

So yeah, they are really worth the pictures, but only worth for once.
Just sayingggg~ (but it's true, just worth for one visit.)
And is also good to go with friends! *ADVICE!*

Pink Sweater: Forever 21
Inner White Shirt: TaoBao
Cardigan: H&M
White Pants: Uniqlo
Boots: The Flexx
Bag: Pierre Cardin
It was a cold autumn/ winter day.
Learn how to layer up to be warm and cozy =)
So, this is basically the end for my dessert post.
And now winter is here, I've been craving for ice cream even more.
Cold plus cold, I must have been crazy!
And also have you guys been playing Pokemon Go?
I have! Now I'm in level 15! Team Red!!!
So let's chat bout Pokemon, shall we?!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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