Thor 2 : The Dark World



I know I know.
Exam is here. Why am I still writing a post??!!
Well I wanted too!! =P

Went out with ma 2 boys [Papa and younger bro] to watch Thor 2.
Older bro watched it with Mummy.
We couldn't watch it together, because our time doesn't match. =(
Older bro went back to kl after his short holiday.
But younger bro started his SPM on wed, so there is no way he can go watch movie with older bro.
I had a paper on tues too.
So I just waited for my bro to finish his 2 papers and on thurs.
Since I've been nagging to watch. After I heard many people said that it's nice.
They can't stop me to wait any longer!! *Evil Laugh*
So is a win-win anyway, in the end everyone gets to watch.

I was super excited to watch this movie.
Actually, all Marvel movies make me excited to wait and to watch. =D
It's like a must to watch in the cinema.
All of the Marvel movies *determined*
Even though I don't really read the comics.
I do read some interesting ones that my bro bought.
So if you ask, yes, my older bro made me love Marvel. Lol!!

Thor 2 : The Dark World

Should I be a spoiler?
Should I?
Hmmm...... I WILL!!
For people who haven't watch the movie.
Please do continue to read it =)) 

Gonna write in point form :
So as you guys who did watch The Avengers which release last year, if you didn't watched it, I hope you do, cause there is a bit of continuous from that movie to this.

Loki, the adopted brother to Thor is locked up in the cell.
In this movie, Loki made many twist in it, which made us questioned and can't wait for more.

If you do watch the 1st movie of Thor, then you know Thor met Jane Foster in Earth.
Jane have a scientist partner/ friend called Dr. Erik , he striped naked in Thor 2.
So this movie is PG13 =/  Lol [but it's really nothing la]

Jane was brought to Asgard because of somethings ;)

Thor's mother died in this movie.
Loki died too [but in a twist]

In one scene Thor removed his top? how should I call it.
Erm anyway his is half naked [ the top part] in this movie.
So that's why some girls were saying he is so good looking or say muscular.
I do admit the muscle are really good to look but erm ok lo. =P

Captian America made a cameo.
Super duper funny!!!
I was laughing hard at that scene!!

In this movie they have 2 post-credit scene.
Usually they only have one post-credit scene, but this have 2!! Awesome or what?!
So be sure to wait and watch them =D
 It started the whole cinema was 100% come to watch the movie.
The end of the movie became 40%
Then after the 1st post-credit scene it became 10% of people waiting for the 2nd scene.
So please be one of those people in that 10% ;)
[You won't regret it] *Evil Laugh*

I don't think it's worth to watch in 3D
Cause not much action is in 3D, and you need to read the subtitles, due to Alien language.

Loki became really good to his brother when Thor brought him out of cell for help.
Which is weird.
Cause he is a betrayer!!
So that's a twist.

I do have a question though, at the end of the movie, 
Where is Odin?? 
[Odin is Thor's father] 
So where the heck is he???!!!

I guess that's it for this post =)
I hope you do have fun watching it.
Cause I did =)
A really action comedy film.  
Maybe this post may be lame cause some of the spoilers were already on the internet.
But I just feel like writing it out =)
Off to the books again, bye~ *yawn*

P.s. : Check out my new favicon =DD
Did it myself *Proud* =D

Love Me!!XOXO♥♥♥

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