2013/10/10 Run Away


Hi Hi People!!! =DD

So my AS exam is starting on the 2nd week in October.
But Nicole came back from her uni, and I couldn't hang out with her during my exam.
So I said we just hang out before my exam.

Since my friends blogged about this hang out way way faster than me.
I'm gonna be more detail =)
It was like, after the hang out on that night they wrote and posted.
I have no idea where their energy come from, I was beat when I reached home.

So the day started that I went to school. 
I was suppose to be studying in school for my exam with my friends.
But I ran out at around 2pm to meet up with Nicole and Lerk Chieh. =DD
Let's just say it's a runaway, cause I did not tell my parents about this. Sssshhhhhhhh
I drove to Nicole's place, cause she is driving us =D
We went to USM to pick up LC.
While waiting for LC.

So we planned to go to Gurney Paragon, cause until now I haven't been to Sushi Zanmai.><
I've been nagging Nicole to bring me there.
[Xtra info : I'm the youngest between us 3, hahaha!!]

So we reached Paragon at around 3pm, we bought Starbucks =D
Finally!! Been craving for it for a while now.

Then we went to H&M to look for some clothes.
But in the end we bought nothing.
The only product we got from H&M is only pictures.
haha =D ♥♥
If you guys are so curious about it.
From left is LC, me and then Nicole.

Then we head out.
Went into Sephora, wanted to buy make up stuff for a dance coming up in Dec.
Sad. =(
Not enough money, so didn't buy anything. =(

We went into Cotton On next.
I was watching some people fixing up a photo booth!
Literally a PHOTOBOOTH!!
I was SO curious so I stood there watching them fixing up the booth.
I don't know whether they were taking it down or fixing up the booth.
I don't know whether we need to pay for it or not.
Nicole was scolding me staring at them like that.
I was fascinated by it, seriously!
So LC recommended that we will come back later in a few hours after they finish fixing up.

So we went to Sushi Zanmai for tea. haha
Japanese food for tea!!! Hahahaha!!
I was so happy cause I don't have to queue up to wait for a seat.
The queue to wait at lunch/dinner time is seriously an issue!
So we ordered some side dishes and began to take selfies!! =D

This was taken by Nicole's phone. =)
Me and her ♥♥

If you guys saw their blog with this picture, it was taken by me and they took the credit.
hahaha =D
Anyway the 3 of us =D  ♥♥

Couldn't take pic with LC cause she was sitting the other side, and I was too lazy to move =P

So I ordered prawn tempura =D
Super love this dish since I know how to eat Japanese food ♥♥
But Nicole was complaining that the sause was bitter.
Her taste buds was having some problem.
And also she complains on almost every food, so don't care what she says when is about food. =D

Nicole recommended us this sushi with egg which is called Tamago Mentai.
And beside those is salmon sushi ordered by LC.
Just my opinion I did not dislike nor like Tamago Mentai, I don't know why, just so so lo.

Nicole also ordered this beef teriyaki.
Sause fit Nicole's taste not mine. *shrugs*

So after our tea, we went back to Cotton On to check on the photo booth.
I was damn excited because it's running and it's for free!!
The props to take pics with =)

Inside the booth. haha the camera is on top and the screen is below.
When we smile it only need 3 seconds.
We weren't ready enough and one of the pic came put was me talking haha.
Even though the screen below is to let us see ourselves.
There's not enough time to look at it. That's a little disadvantage.
They took 3 shots, so it means 3 different poses.
Actually only see the face nia la. =/
So is 3 different faces =) =0 ;D
After taking the pics, we went outside to wait for the pics to be printed out by this guy with their mini printer.
Ok, so is not really an actual photo booth, [just the outer look looks like it]
If it is the real photo booth the booth itself will print the pics and not this guy squatting there printing for us. =/
And yes, that is the back of the photo booth, with the DSLR sitting there. haha =D

We took 2 times because I was complaining about my talking face on the pic we took the 1st time. [Left] *No Experience with Photo Booth*
So we took another time =D [Right]
Which came out much better, after we knew how it works. It's free anyway. *shrugs*
They come with 2 rows of the same pic.
As you can see below. =)) 

Then we were ready to go back.
We were finding a place for ootd pics haha.
And we found a place, with the plain white wall that I like.

This was taken by LC [ I think]with my phone. [yea still no camera yet =( ]
Tribal Print Crop Top : Forever 21
High Waisted Cream Crochet Shorts : Brands Outlet

[Yea I don't know why the top and bottom pics, the lighting was soo different, haiya lazy edit it to be brighter]

These was taken by Nicole, while I was waiting for LC to get ready. Then pose for LC!!
Haha Shameless me ♥♥

 So here is the photo booth pics =D

BTS of Nicole ootd shoot haha. =D
 Me and Nicole ♥♥
 All 3 of us ♥♥♥

Then we went into the car and took selfies again =D
[Don't ask me why, Nicole wanted it]
This is for Nicole : I know I'm cute so I did the duck face, don't judge haha.
After we took the pics I was saying why they didn't want to do it, left me alone doing weird faces, they say they won't look good. Lol!!

We went to Korean Cafe opposite USM gate.
My friend, CY brought me there once, so now I brought them there.

Their menu.

The board full of posters for the kpop fans out there. =)

I ordered the Kimchi Ramyun again, cause I missed it. *shrugs*
LC ordered the same dish as me.

LC ordered Ddokbokki for us to share. (Hot & Spicy Rice Cake)
Well is so so for me.

Nicole ordered Boodae Jigye, haha I have no idea of the names just copying the names from Nicole's blog.
She ordered it because there was sausages inside *smack forehead*

The owner of the store is a Korean, now I know.
He was teaching some woman Korean beside our table.

Then after dinner, we went fetched LC back to her hostel in USM.
And we went in for a while too. haha =D
LC help us split the photo booth pics for us.
She took one, Nicole took one, I took 2 hahahaha!! =D
I did let them choose though, but they wanted 1 only.

Then we head back to Nicole's place and I drive my car back home.

So I guess that's it for the runaway. Hahaha =D
A very harmless and not what you guys expected in a runaway. Hahaha =P

Love me!!XOXO♥♥♥♥

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