USA Haul =DD


Hi Hi!! *Excited*
I've been waiting so so so long to write this post!!
Cause I have to wait for the items to get into my hands. =DD

I bought some things online and sent it to my bro who was working in US.
So shipping fee is free, and things there were much cheaper too.
My bro went to US to work and travel with his friends for 3 months.
So he doesn't have much money to buy me things.
All I can choose is the most cheapest brand in the US market, which is Forever 21!!
I love that store, so I don't mind buying more of their stuff. =D

So I bought some clothing items and accessories from Forever 21.
All items are still in their package when I received it.

2 stretchy hair ties, 1 is mine another is for CY. =)
I never use this to tie my hair. It's too loose.
So I just wear it as bracelets instead. You can see it in some of my recent pics =)

I'm not a fan of make up, but there's this 'prom' coming up, so I have to learn the basic. *shrugs*
So I bought a Beauty Book, which comes with 1 blush, 1 bronzer and 16 colour of eyeshadows.
I chose the more nude colours, so it will be easier to use.
My friend CY also bought the same Beauty Book too =)

In one of the Beauty Book, one of the eyeshadow palate got shattered when I received it.
So I'm gonna go online and check how to fix it. =))
No worries. =))

This shades is CY's one, hee =D
Took a shot with it, cause is cute ;)

So this is the haul =D

Tribal print is so in right now during the summer and fall.
And I super love it!! ♥♥
I've been aiming this top in the local store forever!!
Whenever I go into the store, I will search up and down until I find it and take it to the fitting room for fitting. Then left it back to the store. =/ [Lame right? lol]
But I finally have it!! =DD 
This is how I wear my crop top.
Super simple =) 

My Fav Top ever purchased!!
A Ombre white to light pink top! Super adorable and the material is thin too, so I won't feel hot when I wear in the warm days. [LOL but I won't wear it when it's super hot!]  
And it blends so perfectly!!
I've been wanting this top forever and now I finally have it.
Cause this top doesn't sell in the local Forever 21 store I go to.
So I was super duper happy when I had it!! =DD

I super love this tribal jeans shorts too!!
It's super comfortable and it's true to it's size.
And I love the tribal print!!! OMG!!
Super bohemian look. hahaha
When I first saw this shorts in my local store, I loved it immediately!!
So, I wanted to buy it so bad!!!
But they don't have my size. =(
So I asked my bro to buy it for me. =)  Thanks ♥♥

If you do know me, I love to paint my nails [once in a while, when I'm in the mood haha]
I was on a Youtube marathon a few months back.
And I saw Macbarbie07, who is a US Youtuber showed this Sally Hansen nail strip.
I thought it was pretty and convenient and easy too!!
I saw some stores like Sasa selling it. But it was soooo expensive.
Around RM45.90 for 12 strips.
I think it's not worth it.
So I went online and search.
I bought it from for only $3+
So when convert it to Malaysian Ringgit it's only around RM10+ plus tax.
Way more cheaper, and it's also free shipping =DD

This is the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips =D
I chose the Girl Flower.
There were many different choices to choose, but I wanted the flower one =D 

When I received it, the box is already open, but the things inside is still there.
So that's fortunate. =)) 

Bro also bought some things that I didn't asked for =D
This tee
Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls T.

It's special!! Of course it is, but I don't think it's worth it for $22+
And yes it's from Niagara Falls =D
My bro kept on telling me to wear it cause it's from Niagara Falls and no place else.
I just took it to make him happy, or else no one in my family will wear it.
Actually I'm the only one can wear it.
My bro have one in black.

He also bought tons of Ralph Lauren polo tees.
In all kind of tees I hate polo tees the most!
Cause of the collar. So ma huan one.
Good thing he bought me the polo tee is a V-neck tee!! =DD

He also brought back a soft toy.
When he was unpacking his luggage, we were sitting around him to see what souvenir he brought back from US.
When he was taking out one by one, and telling us all kinds of stories.
I saw this 'guy' sitting in his luggage.
Guys don't really carry any soft toys with them right?!
So I got suspicious and asked him.
He said when he was staying in one of the hotel, they gave it to him.
And it goes into my arms!!
Little seal chilling on my bed =D 

He also bought back this handmade glass bracelet with a very patriotic design on it.
He gave it to Mom.
Mom gave it to me.
I saw it, and I have no idea what to do with it.
So now is just sitting on my table.

So I guess that's it for the USA haul.
There's no other brand for me to purchase cause bro isn't rich enough. =/
He wasted it by watching 2 Broadway Show!! Cause he said is too good.
Hope I was there. [*Sigh*]
Oh well, it's his trip anyway.
I'm happy enough, he brought back some stuff I wanted for me =D

Love Me!!XOXO♥♥♥♥

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