Hello People out there =D
lol like alien greeting like that =DDDDD

This post is much more personal, not about fun food fashion life,[My 3F life] cause I just feel like sharing it =)

Have you ever been lost before?
Lost in a mall, when you're a kid?
Lost in some place and couldn't get out?
Just that lost feeling could be really frustrating.

For me.
Been there, done that.

I've never told this to anybody before, never told my family [If I want to get in trouble] nor my friends.
So nobody know this until now.
 It's gonna be very very very wordy =)

Well, I've consider these few accidents that I was lost.
Like seriously I have no clue how to get out at that moment.
All of these happened during this year only.

Maybe is because I myself 自作聪明, so it ended up this way.
But anyway...
Don't worry, I'm still here typing this post to tell you guys =)
Smile =))

[I don't remember road names, so I'm trying my best to describe =)]

Here's the
1st incident.
It was a Sunday afternoon after church. Me and my friends went to QB to chillax,
I was driving on the way back home.
You know that QB there's this round-a-bout on the right side of the mall [if you're looking towards Pulau Jerejak] after you turn it, you will be on the main road going towards the 2nd Penang Bridge.    
I was on that road, then there's this traffic light right that either U-turn to go to the road infront of Krystal Point or turn right to the factory section.
I wanted to go to the road infront of Krystal Point. [Ya, I dk what that road is called *shurg*]
At that moment, I turned right into the factory section, because I know they have a small bridge link to the road that I wanted to go.
But it was Sunday, so they block that bridge, they only opened on office hours only.
I totally forgot about it and just turn right into that factory section.
The factory section only have a few road that link out to the main roads, and others were either the way into a factory or an end of the road. 
So whenever I turned, I just met a entry to an factory or an end of the road.
Which serious frustrates me.
And I know you may say, just use GPS la, but during that time I don't have a data plan yet.
So I couldn't access to my Maps.
My phone is also at low battery too.
So, after many turning here and there I finally found the way out.
My heart kept on beating non stop,
I was scared, frustrated cause every turned I made I met the end of the road .
I was also mad at myself making such foolish decision. [Yes, I was mad at myself]
But what can I do?
Call my parents? Make them worry too? I don't do that.
Whatever matter I got into, is my responsibility to get out.
So I just calm myself in a very weird, funny but effective way.
Whenever I turned I'm still in Penang Island ;P
Am I right?! Haha
So all I have to do is just calm down and make the correct turn =)

So in the 2nd incident
Is also on the same main road. [on the way to the 2nd Penang Bridge]
When there's a change on the road plans, and we did not go on it a long time, we will sure go the wrong way.
So this is also the same thing.
I was lost on my home from QB. (Again)
I remembered on that main road they have 2 traffic lights.
The 1st one is to turn into the factory section.
The 2nd one is to turn into a road that is linked to Kampung Jawa then to Sunshine Square area.
I know that road cause daddy used that road before.
[Be more observant when you are on the road, it helps when is your turn to drive]
But when I was on the main road, I couldn't find the 2nd traffic light.
They demolished it and change the road plans.
I have no where else to turn so all I can do is just keep on going straight.
I passed the 2nd Penang Bridge.
Followed the road signs [whoever who created road signs, I Thanked You!!] and cars infront of me.
Cause it was after work hours so people were going home.
I had my data plan, so I went into Maps to check on the roads.
Maybe in that area, my line wasn't strong enough, and my Maps wasn't updated, so I couldn't see much and it loads super slow.
And also my battery was only 30%+
Using Data Plan can kill batteries really fast, so I just off the Maps and kept on going straight and look for road signs.
If I could go over to the airport, then I know my way home.
So I was finding signs to go to the airport.
Then after going straight for a while, I was in the land of Batu Maung.
Which shocked me, I was at the end of the island already.
So I kept on following cars and look for signs, and then I open my Maps.
It frustrates me, that the line wasn't strong enough.
I've never been to Batu Maung before and it was my 1st time there, and I was lost in that area.
The Maps load so slow that it made me nervous, I couldn't see any road on it, I don't know where the hell I'm going.
So I was lost!
Then after a while the line got stronger and I found the way out of that place.
Which made me super happy, relieved and also I told myself I'm never ever gonna use that road ever again the next time I leave QB.
It was an adventure though, after all I was in a jam because there were many cars, I saw many things I've never seen before, I was like in a new world actually.
Nervous, scared but also fascinated.
Do you know that in that area, they still have a large large land with just plain long grass? I think.
Which I think is quite pretty, cause other then that, is all buildings. =/
So then I found my way home, Yay!

3rd incident.
Ok okay, it's in a different place now. Don't worry haha.
So I went to my friend's place to study for our exam.
Her place was in a residential area, there were different lanes into different place, but they have one main road in that area that connects out to the main road.
I know a few of those road, but not all.
But what I wasn't sure was how to turn back into the main road. I got confused!!
My friend's house was after many turns into different lanes which I used the Maps to help me to reach there.
So when I was going home, my phone (again) was only in 20%+
Damn battery!!
I could use Maps too, but I was scared if my battery was flat, my parents couldn't contact me. 
Damn it that I didn't bring my power bank. =/
So I thought why not follow the car infront of me.
From what I thought of course everybody who came out from those lanes, will turn into the main road right?
At least 90% of them will, but in that 10% I chose the unlucky car,
That car turned into USM, they have a exit in that area.
By the time I knew it, I couldn't turn back cause there was a car behind me.
So yes, it begin another adventure, inside the huge university.
It was my first time in there too, ok ok my 2nd time, I went in once cause a friend of mine studys and lives in the hostel there. here
But it was my first time exploring almost the whole place.
And I tell you if their roads is not one way, I could just easily turn back.
But... most of their roads is one way.
I know that USM have a few exits out, and I knew most of them. [Thanks to observing well?]
So, all I said to myself is that if I can find one of those exits, I can get out of USM, if not I'll have to call my friend to help me.
I was seriously simply turning here and there.
I was super scared cause I was in some new place, lol but still it's only inside a school. 
But thanks to some cars infront of me, I found the exit at Sg. Dua =D
So then I exit and went back home =D
Interesting incident isn't?
Lost in a university 
This incident made me not wanting to go to USM anymore.
I heard that USM ground is huge but I never expected it to be that HUGE!!

So I guess that's it.
These incidents happened, so what!! Is in the past already, I'm still here, typing it out for you guys.
I just feel like sharing it out that,
If you ever got lost like me, don't get tense up, just keep calm and you will be able to find the way out. ;)  [Lol, the freedom to drive =D]
And of course, now the technology is so great, use your Maps la. ;D
I know it's stupid not to use it, but sometimes you just couldn't think straight when you were in a situation like this.
And the stupid data plan with no line is also not helping.

And for tips :
-Bring a power bank out, you'll never know when your phone is gonna go flat.[Seriously you will thanked me for it, if you don't have buy one!]
-Don't use your phone so much when you are out, so that if you were in a situation like this, you will still have some battery to spare to look for directions.[Especially phones right now dry out realy fast!]
You'll never know whats gonna happen in the future, so just keep those tips in for prevention. =)

I guess I was really unlucky whenever I was lost.
My battery was almost flat.
I was always on my home [ Thank goodness for that, if I was going to other places, I will sure break down and cry ='( ]

This is some special post, I typed in one shot in almost 3 hours haha!! Now it's like 3'04AM *yawn*
Hope you enjoyed and learned some things.

Love Me!!XOXO♥♥♥♥

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