Take Care, Love You!! ♥


This is gonna be a short post for my bestie who is studying abroad now.

I've known you since we were young.
We got closer when we were in our teenage years =)
I'm like talking like we're like some old ladies dy.
Even though you are a year older then me.
But you always make me feel that I'm more mature haha =P 
Anyway, gonna make this short.
Have fun in US! Take care!!
I love ya!! ♥♥

Debbie!! I will be waiting for you to jio me to US haha =D
and last but not least thanks for being my bestie for so long ♥

p.s. Thanks for the pressie too. Even though it's still a long way till my birthday =)

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥♥

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