新秀大赛 13/7/13 I'm on TV!!


Ya maybe I'm being too much of exaggeration.
You can't see me from TV, because I was sitting on the last 3rd row of the whole huge stadium!
But I know I'm in it =D 
** Pics below is from my phone, sorry for the bad quality**
My mom's friend gave us the free tickets to 新秀大赛 that was held in SPICE(PISA) in Penang.
Which is very very very near my place.
I hope you won't get me wrong or what so ever, I never watch 新秀大赛 in my whole entire life.
I rarely watch Chinese movies or dramas, normally I watch western/ENGLISH shows
Shows from America and England, get it? =D
And why I would go to the finals?? Even though I have no interest, and I mean it no interest at all.
It all begins, because of my dad, he watched the show,
And later on we heard that Justin who is one of the contestant lives near my place too =D
Whaaaaooo....... [being lame]
Yup, so that's why I went.

Well the show aired at 8'30pm on Astro.
The time that the door open to let the audience in is at 6'30pm
So people will start to line up at around 6pm.
We need to wait for hours for the show to begin. =(

TIP : So if you guys are going to any live shows bring some entertaining things, and some food to entertain yourself from boredom =P

We had 4 tickets, and so me and my whole family went together, big bro is in US.
We reached at 7pm, so that we won't go and squeezed with other people.

The antenna is so big!!!  

But I was wrong, there were still so many people standing there and going in.
When we reached the entrance the security, were shouting : MOVE!! VIP IS HERE!!
Everyone is like squeezing in to have a look, me and my bro went to kepo and have a look haha.
But here is the funny thing, I have no knowledge of those ppl, who they are and what they do, and blah blah blah.
So, I was like who are they?? =DDD

While waiting in line, I saw Wing Keh and Xin Yi.
So long didn't meet WK already, I was so excited!! ♥

I met Jean Teen too, but I couldn't get to take pic with her because she was busy on the phone. =( 

So you know there are colours to support the person you support, right?
We supported the person who's from Penang who is Justin and Rax.
White for Justin, Green for Rax.
We all wore white hahaha!!
I was pursuing my family to wear white too =D
To get into the mood ;))  

After squeezing in, the place was so so amazing!
The stage before there were people seiting 
 And after there were people siting

I was fascinated by the camera they used!!
It's so big!!

 SOOOOOOO many people!!

The MC, She really funny, when it was advertisement time, she was like talking with the audience about anything, like the food in Penang, how the contestant were, and the judges too.
Ya, she just doing her own job, which is to get us entertained =) 

SOOOO many people!!!!

 The show began!!!
Before it was aired, there was this guy who will use the mic and countdown : 5,4,3, Applause...
And we all have to clap our hands [ to bring the mood up] but I was like way way behind so it doesn't even matter, the camera can't shoot my face anyway =/.

 The last 5 contestant!!

Took pics from the big screen, cause we sat to far!!
 The judges

 Justin!!! ♥
1/3 of the supporters in the stadium came to support him. 

 Ya, Justin was in 3rd place, oh well =)

 I was so worried that it'll be hot, because of so many people, so I wore my orange high waisted shorts, and a light white T-shirt.
But it was fine the air conditional was in full blast =D  
TIP : Bring a small bag to keep your stuff to prevent your things to disappear ;)

After they announced that Justin was in 3rd place, my family decided to go home
Even though the show is not done yet. it was already 11pm
And I was yawning already haha =D

After this experience, I would love to go to other live show
My dream is to go to Ellen DeGeneres show!
Cause she gives out awesome prizes, if you do watched her show then you will know  =)
So that's all =)
See you guys in the next post

Love me!XOXO♥♥♥

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