Penang Hill Trip =) 26/07/13


HIIII!!! Readers!! People around the world!! =DD
It was so so so random that we went to a place where not much penangites will go only except for some special reason.
Penang Hill.
Ya, well I've been there for 2 or 3 times.
I mean it. You just have to visit there once will do. haha
Cause all you can do there is just to watch the scenery.
They just change the new tram, so from the bottom of the hill to the top only need around 5 minute.

 The entrance. Historical place....
Top from Cotton On, Bottom from Cotton On
Whole body is Cotton On hahahaha

 The new tram =D Good thing there was air con, I was beat by the heat =/
 So so many people. I just don't really get it why?! ;P

I know this pic ain't pretty or whatsoever
But it's the only pic that my dad took which is not blur.
Cause we were in the tram, and yea it's moving =/
So both me and my mom look weird hahaha cause we weren't ready for the camera and Dad just snap it =(
Reach the top =D
 The view from the top,
Because of the haze that day, can't really see the view
 The most clearer one i have for that day =\

See that quote, I was like *haihhhh*

I was shouting to Mom : haha It's a pink telescope!! [Lazy to edit it to be brighter]

There's a reason why I went up to Penang Hill though.
My cousin is working as the chef in David Brown's restaurant.
He's gonna change his job to another place, so he wanted our family to be there for at least one time when he is still working.

The front view of the restaurant.  

 The side/back of the restaurant.
Mommy was like showing us how huge the tree is. lol
And Dad became the camera man in an instant. LOL
Parents with smart phone *sigh*

 Love the antique furniture they have =D

The menu, it's 5 course meal, very very full!!
 We were sitting in the VIP table, so I was sitting facing the pond.
 The 1st course, appetizer =D
Simple salad =)
 2nd course
Shrimp Cocktail, Yummss!!
3rd course
Buns with Tomato soup

 4th course [you can choose grilled salmon, lamb or steak]
I chose steak =D
 The gravy you have to eat with it =)
[not enough gravy -.-]
 5th course DESSERT!!
[ apple pie or scone]
I chose scone!
Because my cousin said David Brown's restaurant has the best scone in Penang
and it's sooo true!!!!!! Major Yummss!!
You may be surprise, cause the texture is way different from the other scone you had tried in Penang.
Their scones are all handmade from scratch, so that's why it taste so good!!
There is also a method to put the 'things' on the scone.
1st butter
2nd whip cream
3rd jam
Then it became the yummiest scone ever in Penang ;)

The apple pie is also very yummy
When eat it with ice cream, it taste even better!! =DD 

Then after chit-chatting, we head down the hill.
I was wondering if there any people controlling the tram.
[with so much new technology in this new century]
So when I went in the tram, there is a person sitting there controlling the tram. lol 
 The view while going down the hill. =)

So that's all for the trip to Penang Hill =)
Too bad for the view cause it was hazy that day =(
But whatever la =P

Love Me!! XOXO♥♥

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