24/8/2013 Finally I Broke the Rule =)


HI HI Dear Readers, I have to post this b4 my birthday.
I finally and I have to say finally I broke the rule of 18+ movie rule.
I know I'm the type of girl who doesn't break the rules much, when I'm in school.
But when I do, I also break them quietly.
Ya, so teachers never really know I break the rules.
Typical student right??
But I have always wanted to break the 18+ rule in the cinema.
It's like in my bucket list. haha Now I can cross it over.
Go to a 18+ movie in the cinema b4 I'm 18
I have strict parents too. =(
Cause my younger brother broke it way earlier than me.
Ya I know I'm competitive between my brothers especially, we love to win haha!
Because the next few days, it's gonna be my birthday, and I'm gonna be 18, so it's no fun dy.
If u get me, then I love ya!!! ♥

So the story began at : we went to our church teachers house for an early dinner.
It's really early, like 6 something.
So after dinner it was only 8.
My buddys and me went to QB. Then we were suggesting to watch a movie.
Then from suggesting it became reality!!
haha =DD

So we were thinking of what to watch.
Cause we wanted to choose a movie at around 9 something pm.
And there's Elysium.
There were 4 of us, exclude me there were 3. And 3 of them r already over 18.
Haha yup all my friends are all older than me.
I'm happy to be the youngest. Cause they took care of me =D
Especially movie tickets and snacks and beverage =D

They were like, oh it's a 18+ movie, can she watch? [the 'she' means me]
So they asked me, and I was like ya, sure, of course haha!!
Then we went in.
Happy that it was Hall 1. The biggest hall!!
We sat quite infront. So the screen was like super huge!!
I had a regular Coke and b4 the drink was done, I was shivering already.

Anyway now I know why these movies need to be 18+
Gonna be spoiler!! Leave if u don't wanna know about the story =)
Let's go!!
haha =D
The whole movie is actually in the year 2154.[ I think]
But Earth has became really dirty and polluted.
Only poor people are left in Earth.
And the medical ain't good either, the hospital is always full of sick people. =(
Like that. 

Then, there's another place for much richer people to live in.
A clean environment with nice air to breathe.
And that place is called Elysium.
And it's in space. 

Facing the Earth is Elysium, hope you get it =)

So of course many people in Earth thinks it unfair for them to be divided like that.
All of them wanted to be in Elysium.
They even have those kind of high technology that u lie in it u can b completely heal even for cancer, those kind of sickness.
There's even one part that a guy's face got bomb, and it's consider dead la, but the patner put him on that machine and got heal, and the face is back and it's alive.
freaky and awesome in the same time.

So Matt Damon, who is the leading character.
I feel so sad for him.
Kena hit and got radiated.
And still need to put that machine thing that screwed onto him. And blood flowing out. Omg!! I tell you, epic!! (For my 1st 18+ movie)
This is very very painful!!

Another awesome thing is that they can steal data from the brain.
haha I find that amazing. Like a USB plug.
From one brain to another.

Ok I don't wanna spoil all of it, I think I already spoil 1/3 of it already haha.

Ending: wanna know??
I'll be straight, he died in the end to help to reformat the whole system which is in his brain
So now Earth people is allowed to go into Elysium.
And live a happy life with no more sickness.

That's all.
I spoiled enough. =P
I do recommend you guys to watch this movie, if you r not afraid of blood =)

Love Me!! XOXO  ♥♥

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