17.06.13 Kuala Gula Trip w/ Bio Classmates =)


So after so long, i finally decide to sit down and write about my trip to Kuala Gula. =)
you should be happy haha
cause this few days i'm so so so lazy to update my blog.


Ok let's get started then =))
so on the 1st week of my holiday [semester break]
my bio teacher organized a trip to Kuala Gula
a small place in Perak, M'sia
we went there by bus
it took us 1 and a half hour to reach there =/

**just so you know my camera is not in use anymore, the pics below will be either from my friends or i took it by using my cousin's camera or my smartphone camera**

When we reached Kuala Gula,
we went to a so call resort 
and we went on a boat ride for 45 mins
on a huge river/sea [ I don't know]

Life jacket is very important ;)
us with our 'teachers' =D credits to Eileen Yap

Then off we go on the boat =D

Then the boredom came, the camera started to function =D
selfie time!! =DD
Cai Ying took my camera and started to take pics actually.
I'm not the one who took it [obviously] 

CaiYing and me ♥♥
Eileen being cute at the back =) 

But i took the pics of the view =)

Eileen with her camera. =) thanks for the pics =))
This pic shouldn't be like this.
but i had no idea how to adjust the things in the camera, well because it isn't my camera. -.-

Me and Eileen ♥

The view =) 

It's an otter!! Lucky us!!
It jump into the water after it saw us. =/

The mangrove tree that we r going to plant 

After the boat stopped, we had to take off our shoes
and go down into the mud
Yes, MUD!!
 Before we went into the mud.

Let me think what words to describe it.
Yucky, gooey, sticky, like something soft [not pilllow], something like jelly, dirty, when u go deeper u will be stuck in it..
Well anyway we made it.
Me and my tree =D

Next, cleaning.
it's so hard to clean ur foot when you couldn't sit in the boat.
we used water, tissue and also wet tissue and it's not all cleaned.
you wouldn't know how frustrated we were!!

Cleaned =) after such a long time of cleaning.

Then we sat on the boat to the soft shell crab farm.
but before we reached.
we took pics again =D
we were posing for another friend in another boat, but the 'teacher?'  who took my camera took a pic of us.

This is another one, from another friend =) 

Like i said before
I ♥ them

They started playing hamburger due to boredom =D

Then we reached the soft shell crab farm

The crab is jelly-like, very jelly-ish haha

Then we went over to the floating restaurant.
Yup it's floating.

My lunch.
hard rice, cool drink. 

We were so into the soft shell crab just now.
We even ordered fried soft shell crab to eat =D
RM6 per piece.
It was just so-so.
Even though there were lots of meat in it =D
But it was a bit too salty. =( 

After lunch, we went for kampong walk
 The walk was only one straight walk down this road
We stopped at a few houses, the tour guide, who is malay. gave us some explanation that i didn't bother to go listen =P 
One of the houses had a pet monkey,
baby monkey to be exact.

Then we went over to a small museum
They had this bird outside. 

They also had an owl. =0

In the museum, we only walked around, actually we sat in front o the air-cond due to the heat.
and later we watched a video about the area, Kuala Gula.
Then we sat in the bus and went home.

Tired, but it was a great experience.
we also had lots of fun together =D

I guess i finished my story about the trip =)
hope you guys like it =))

there were many selfies pics actually, but i couldn't put all of them in. Sorry!! 

Love me! XOXO  ♥♥

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