SPM Results Day =/



Congratzz to everyone out there who have great and satisfied results =))

when i went to school, we still have to wear the school t-shirt that made for us last year
LOL the 'cotton candy' T-shirt
i wasn't that nervous as my other friends while waiting to take our results.

so yea, we got our results.
currently i'm studying in Inti college.
so i have not much care towards my spm results
i did my best in my exam and that's final!

so the most important thing is that i could meet all my friends again
=DD hyped!!
especially my 'gang' =DD

Me and cutie Jean Teen =)) 

 Me and prettyyy Jxhia!! 
 Me and Kimmy!! 

Did not have time to take pics with others =((
but it's fine =))
i hope i will meet them sooner or later =D

In the afternoon, i went out with EeYin =D
well cause i couldn't go out with Minyi they all, cause they have school.
my school canceled that day, so i'm free!!

In the end we went to QB
to say the truth, i'm BORED with QB.
i've been to QB for like once everyweek. =//
we watched Jack the Giant Slayer. [not really a recommended movie]
but still it's just so so.

After that, we went to Forever 21. 
But did not bring enough money to buy. =( 
so in the end just trying clothings and out of the store we go...... 

then there is this new store just opened in QB 
called hui lau san =/ 
they sell desserts with mango!! 
ahh i  mangoes!!! 
another reason is that Vivian is working there, so we went to find her too =)) 
this is really amazing!! 
if you r a mango lover, you will sure love this!!
 Mango Icy Sweetie Ball. [what a cute/weird name for food]

 Camwhore time =))

so that is how i spent my day after i had my results =))
how about yours?

love me!xoxo 

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