A day being free =))



i went out with my friend EeYin on the very last min
due to some reasons i can't stand being at home.

Long story short :
 i lost a small bet with EeYin so i have to drive and fetch her when we hang out.
because we learned, and passed our car test together =D
[harmless, don't worry]  ;)

so i drove my car to her house and fetch her to QB  =D
since her house is only 5 min away from my place, so it's easy. =D
she is also my 1st friend passenger in my car =DD

went to QB and parked the car myself, [stressed!!] x.x
because i couldn't wait anymore!!
went to watch The Croods!! =DD
but still have no idea why this show is (PG13) =/
Hilarious show!! Me and my friend laughed non-stop!!

Then we just hung out and chit chat a while =DD
nothing happened much though.
i bought a new phone case =DDDD
obsessed with it!! 
then, i drove her home and i went home =D 
picha time =D 
 blur EeYin =DDDD
So that's the first day of holiday =))
Happy one week holiday =DD

love me!xoxo 

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