i did some baking, due to craving about it for so long,
so mom gave me the recipe and i did it on my own.
so this is the
{for 1 - 3 serving?} [because of the cup size]

Things you need :-
2 green apples
2 tablespoon of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of all purpose flour
1 tablespoon of butter =DD

1. Washed, Peeled and Sliced the apples into cubes =))

 2. Cooked the apples with just a bit of water, to make it soft.

P.S. the longer you keep the green apples, the sweeter the apples will taste instead of sour green apples. 
so if your apples are sour please cooked them with some brown sugar. =))

3. Mix the flour, butter and brown sugar[this is optional, if your apples are sweet enough, don't put anymore sugar.] =))
[But if you want your crumbs to be crunchy then you may add some =))
Mix them until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
[tip: use our hands to mix them]
In this pic i added some brown sugar, so the colour is more brown. But if there is no sugar, the colour should be more yellowish/ beige colour.

4. Place the apple cubes into the baking dish or some bowl that can be use for baking too :)
this small bowl that i bought is from Daiso, so it only cost RM5 =))
then add the crumbs on top.

6. Put them into the oven, at 350 degree for around 25-35 minutes =)) or until it is tender.

7. After that you are done!! =DD
hee =P i ate it, so that u guys could see the apple below ;))
 and of course, when eating apple crumble, we must eat it with some ice cream. =DD
so this small snack/ dessert is ready!! =DDD

so this is some easy baking that u can do in the kitchen even though that you are not familiar with the kitchen. =))
hope that you enjoy it!! =DD

love me!xoxo 

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