One step into Adulthood


Beware drivers!!
I'm eligible to be on the road now!!!

you know when u always wish that u can drive instead of your parents who keeps complaining about driving u out to far places just to be with your friends.
now i can drive so i can stop listening to their complainssss!!

I've been learning 'how to drive' process since last Dec.
we need to take like a looooong process to get our driving license.
Troublesome!! VERY TROUBLESOME!!!
but it's fine.
i passed all my test without failing my theory test and car practical test!! [so no extra charge :)]
HAPPY!! indeed!!
i passed my driving test yesterday. 200213
a good day to step into adulthood.
i just can't wait to get my license. which will be ready either tomorrow or Monday =/
P license!!!! i just can't believe it myself.
after all these excitement and happiness
i still have to go through my 'daddy's test'
then only i can drive alone on the road.
mommy has been starting to arrange when to fetch my younger bro around.
now i became the driver. ><
my 'part time job' with no pay =((

I went to cemerlang to learn how to drive.
the big place at sg. dua
but i wasn't registered as their student but i just use their place.
my mom's friend introduce me a agent/ uncle to teach me.
so i bring my friend along.
so both of us won't get bored! =P

 we have to wear either flats or sneakers or sports shoes there
and is a must to wear long pants =(((
 the uncle who thought me how to drive.>>>
he also smokes =((
but he is a good guy.
he gave me and my friend additional hours to practice [extra 8 hours]
and did not charge us.
so now i won't complain him even though he smokes beside me in the car every time. =/
well i hate smoke =\\ can't blame me.
 we only get to learn manual cars.
sad!! Cause it's very tiring. :(
now i can drive auto car.
my legs won't be that tired anymore =DD
 i wore my uh-oh top and my uniqlo pants with converse sneakers to my driving test.
it was a hot day!
but i rather not be darker anymore than being hot.

my test finished at around 12.
during my driving test on the road.
the examiner beside me keeps playing with his phone.
and gave me the minimum mark of passing mark.
well at least i pass right???!
even though he did not pay much attention to me driving =/

i went home around 1.10pm
the test took almost half my day.
and i did not go to school =DD
 *hee my face is sharper now* =D
 the friend who is with me the whole time through out the whole process of learning and all the test =))
both of us passed together!!
so Congratulations to us!!! :DDD

i know my reaction when i get my P license is : aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! yesh!!!!! Daddy let's go driving!!!!!!! =DDDD

So drive safely everyone =))
and i will too =))

love me!xoxo 

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