Boon Cafe @ Haymarket, Sydney


Let's just jump right into it, shall we?
Yes, is another food post! =)

I was out with a good gal pal of mine, and we randomly chose this place to have brunch cause well the images online looks great!
So we wanted to try it out!
And we did!!
Boon cafe is a modern Chat Thai diner! So check it out!

Coffee, as you know I'm not a coffee drinker, so obviously is not mine.
And I'm sorry for those who are curious what coffee drink is this, I'd forgotten.
So my apologies.
Pandan Custard Toast $4
We ordered it cause it was on the recommended items for this cafe, and it was not wrong!
For this amount of toasts and it actually have the taste of Pandan, is awesome!!!
Is creamy, thick and the flavour is just perfect!
As some stores, their pandan flavour doesn't have the taste of pandan, so this is food from back home!
Gosh I miss kaya!! ><
I ordered the Nahm Prik Nuum Sandwich $13
Which basically contains northern region green chilli relish, spicy pork herb sausage (which caught my attention), soft-boiled egg, soft herb and pickled cabbage salad.
And in conclusion!
It tasted like otak-otak! And is amazing!! The spice is not as bad as you can't keep on eating spicy, but is tolerable.
I'm missing this dish now....
My friend ordered their dish that was recommended online, and she said that it was a good choice that she ordered this, cause she love it!
Naam Todt $13
Which contains fried fermented pork and rice cake, peanuts, soft herbs, pickled cabbage salad.
And it sounds and look amazing doesn't it?!
While waiting for our food, well I finally took some selfie from my camera.
My insta, go check it out!! - sarahlee95

Then we had time to burn anyways, so we head over to Hyde Park.
Blue Turtle Neck Top : Uniqlo
Turtle Neck Jumper : H&M
Dark Beige Coat : Uniqlo
Pants : Uniqlo
Boots : The Flexx
Like I said in my last few posts, Uniqlo is basically my fav and have already taken up half of my closet.
Well it kept me warm in winter, so why not? =)
So tell me, how have you been?

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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