sweet 16th!!!


well 2day is my birthday!!!
happy birthday 2 me!!! <3
ytd my family brought me 2 go eat T.G.I.F
love it
i called a beef bacon burger and is delicious!!

2day i went 2 gurney!!
miss the performance of jxhia, lynn, minyi and their friend
sorry never wanted that 2 happen
anyway congratz u all went into finals!!! <3
happy for you guys =)) and jovy too!!
i treat myself starbucks haha =D
well i cant just stand there watching so i buy n drink it while supporting them =))
actually went 2 GP i never saw minyi at all =((
she was busy i know =))

at night went 2 church
my friend gave me presents!!!

STICKY!!!!!!!!!! <3
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
bear bear??
friendship globe?? haha it is cute thing actually from my friend =)) isaac

well that's how my b'day ended
sweet 16th =))

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