starwalk ~


1st time i've participate this kind of competition
i joined the non-competition
and it start at 7'15 am
sleepy man~~
so here we go start walking~~

well i suppose 2 meet phooi fun,minyi n purdy!
but in the end i start walking with purdy =))

and the whole thing abt this thing is i get a blister in my leg n a certificate
we had 2 finish the whole walk within 2 hours in 6km
n i did it!!
woohoo!!! =DDD

then while waiting for the damn lucky draw which i did not get
me n purdy went 2 sunshine city
1st time goin up 2 that long escalator~~
so kinda new for me haha
n 1st time goin 2 time square ~~
so i saw a cute bear n took a pic with it
den ate lunch
den i went 2 church 2 bath
then went 2 choir
den go QB
well at 1st we want 2 watch nasi lemak
but all full n sold out le~~
so went 2 2 eat n walk walk =))
den went home =))

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