bought presents for my best friend -----debbie!!!
we exchange b'day present every year =DD
well i did not receive mine yet cause she is busy =((
after i saw my church singing teacher had a pencil box which had her name on it and the words are so glitter!!! <3 it
so she sell these kind of stuff
so i'm gonna buy one for deborah
this all happens on fri night when we practice singing

my teacher bring over files of words
those words are like stickers so there are many kinds of pattern n colours!!
i saw tiok den crazy haha =DDDD
haha dont know what to choose ~~
so in the end is like that =))
on my pencil box one word is RM1.50
on deb's pencil box one word is RM1.30 cause the words are smaller
so for one pencil box all total up is between RM 20 to 25 like that =DD
n my teacher ask me 2 work for her after my exam
means i could see all colourful words everyday =DDD



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