29/8/11 [monday]


went 2 CRC for lunch
had a great time with both little cousins
well there r young
just playful...
very playful...
went home a while...
at almost 5
we went 2 straits quay..
where ethan lives
so damn rich...
that place is the best
upstairs is where u live, or swim or exercise
downstairs is where u shop, relax, n shop!!
i love there <3
we went for a little small pool party with ethan
n there is him in his little boat....
we had dinner at some nyonya food restaurant
ethan was playing his new toys that my cousin's mom gave him..

cute isnt??
den l8r we went 2 'delicious' 2 eat dessert..
n it is very delicious....!!
we ordered 4 desserts n all are yummy =))
this is chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream on top!!
this is my fav!!
this is peach and banana crumble with also vanilla ice cream..
quite sweet but yummy 2
this is something with strawberry
sweet n sour..
well it neutralise it
so is quite good 2.. =))
macadamia cheese cake =))
never had much cuz 2 full...
but it was quite nice
not 2 sweet n just perfect...
so that's it for that night
n we went home after that =))

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