Day to Night Vegas Look

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Hi gals!!
I'm back with a fashion post that I will show you all on how I would wear if I'm in Las Vegas.
I never really sit down and think about it before.
But I feel that people in Las Vegas or I would say people in the U.S. dress up really nicely.
So here's what I came out with =)

Even though I would love to show you guys how I wear my outfit if I do get to go to Las Vegas.
I couldn't, cause I have some school report to finish up.
So, I have made up a collage of outfits to show you guys instead. =)

A person like me who would love to look great but still feel comfortable at the same time.
While walking around Las Vegas while visiting the tourist attraction and having lunch at some fancy restaurant like Lemongrass in Aria.
Wearing something comfortable yet bold is what I chose to wear when I am there having fun!

Casual Look!

Top: Off shoulder top
Outwear: Black Kimono Cardigan
Shorts: Jeans Crochet shorts
Shoes: Brown Sandals
Accessories: Necklace

Nothing too fancy, a little our of my comfort zone, but I love the look!
A little bit of bohemian look to it.
Which is one of the styles I really love.

After a fun afternoon, head back to one of the fancy, luxurious hotel like Bellagio Hotel.
Rest for a while and get ready for a fun night!
Las Vegas is a place at where the night is young!
Head out for a nice dinner beside the Bellagio Fountains at Lago.
Dress something fancy and fun!
Dinner party look

Dress: Two piece dress
Accessories: Layered Necklace, Bangle and Infinity Ring
Bag: White clutch.
Shoes: Black Heels.
P.s.: Bring an cardigan with you, cause the night might be chilly =)

Remember that you are still young, after dinner, head out to the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub in Rio, have some drinks, chit chat and just chillax!
Or if you guys want something fun, head over to some clubs around town.

This is some of the outfits that I would wear if I do get to visit Las Vegas.
Have some fun, chillax at the bar, maybe watch some cool performance that is around there.
Hope you like it!

Love Me!! XOXO 

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