Outfit for Afternoon Tea.


Hi hi gals!!! =D 
I'm back with a small short post this week. =) 
School is starting next week, and I'm not ready to give up my 3 weeks plus of holiday yet! 
So sad =(
I just wanna rest and have fun for my whole life! Hahaha (Like that will happen) 

Anyway, here's a small fashion post that I haven't done in a long time. 
Sorry for spamming you guys with tons of food pics for the last few post. 
And now let's start shall we? =)

Went out with my friends for afternoon tea for some awesome delicious desserts. 
I tried to spice up my fashion nowadays into a much more still girly but in a more mature look. 
If you guys get what I mean =) 
I'm not wearing any skirts or anything over the top, due to my country's weather is just so hot!!
Shorts with a comfortable top is always the best combo in my country! 
Pair it with some sandals or flip flops and you are good to go =D 
Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Sandals: Red Hearring (Debenhams)
Bag: H&M
*The belt does not come together with the jumpsuit, is my own belt, but I totally forgot where I bought it*
The jumpsuit is in a pale pink lace overall, which is
1. My fav colour.
2. I love lace and crochets very very much!!
3. It's very comfortable too! =D
4. It was on the sales rack! *laughs!* There was a around RM20 off! So, why not?
Shoes shoes shoes!!!
I haven't bought any new shoes this year.
So, when I saw Debenhams was on sales, and it was a 50% off for this pair!
I snagged it immediately!
Love it till my heart contents ♥♥
Just sit back and relax and snap!
Shoefie =)
This pair deserved it anyway! =D
It's so pretty and worth it hahaha
So, I'm done with my small overall outfit for an afternoon tea outfit for you guys =)
Hope you guys like this small short outfit post!
And able to inspire you all for your next outfit of the day =D
And I'll see you gals next week =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. You outfit is so very cute... Forever 21 is amazing, the brand has arrived in India and i shop a lot from them.
    - Heena, www.icynosure.in

  2. I love lace and crochets too. That jumpsuit is gorgeous and prefectly look good on you. It doesn't look like a pale pink on my end though.

  3. I love your sandals! They match your entire outfit so well. Simple but chic!

  4. cute ootd! I love your sandals, they're so pretty and goes really well with your outfit!

  5. That's a lovely outfit for an afternoon tea. Loving that strappy sandal of yours.

    Chaicy - GIG Love

  6. You look super cute in the outfit. Love your whole attire basically along with strapped sandals .. Forever21 has amazing outfits x

  7. You look great, I love your playsuit and sandals, it's a really cute outfit.

  8. I love how you paired up that sleek brown belt with your lace jumpsuit. You look sweet as always Sarah!

    -Fatemah Sajwani

  9. Love your jumpsuit, it looks so comfy!
    What is that place btw? really love the environment.

  10. oh i love ur sandal a lot!!super cute!

  11. Love your sandals and your pretty belt! Great click :)

  12. Cute outfit! I love girly outfits, especially lace. :D

  13. The outfit looks so cute and girly. Add a cute or pastel color necklace :)


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