Prom [Pre-U Night] 13/12/13

1:09 AM

Hi Hi Peeps!!
I finally have the time to use the computer to write what happened during last year in Dec.

From the title, you all know that me and my friends attended prom!!
I know is everyone's dream to be in it.
Ok ok maybe every girls dream to be in prom.
Well actually this is not really call a prom.
Is Pre - U Night. But since we all have to wear formal attire, we called it as prom instead. =D

And the theme is Around the World.
Isn't the ticket pretty??
There's 4 types of places we get to choose.
There's Egypt, China, Paris and mine is Venice =D 

Well as you all know, preparing for prom is something hard? busy? thing to do.
Especially us girls. =)
We have to find our dresses, who will do our make up, what kind of make up, what kind of hairstyles, which kind of heels and a lot more!!
Is something not very easy to do, I have to say.

After our AS exam, my friends and I were chatting about our dresses non-stop.
Cause dresses is the most important thing, in this whole event. Right?
I mean you want to look as pretty as possible right?
I found this dress of mine in one of the shopping bag of new clothes that I haven't wore yet.
Something formal and simple =)
I was tempted to wear a maxi dress at first, but... haiya I'm so short only. No need la.
I do have a maxi dress in the bag. I wear it next time =)

So before the day of prom, me, Chian Chyi , Jia Ying, Eileen and Chia Lynn went to QB.
Me and Chian Chyi went to do our nails.
And the others just walked around =)
The lady helped me choose this Barbie pink colour and I wanted gold for my 4th finger,
So ttaaaaddddaaahhh!! =D 

Then the day finally arrived, ever since we bought the Prom tickets, we were talking about it non-stop. =D
So we skipped our afternoon class.
Me and my other friends went to do make up and hair.
I never wanted to let others do my hair and make up cause is just sooo expensive!!
But I had no choice.
I'm not very good at make up.
And so I just follow CC and her friends to do our make up and hair =)



Lol I don't know if the make up looks good or not.
Hope it looks ok =/

Then I got dress, wore my heels, and my mom drive me to the venue.
Prom's venue is in E&O Hotel =D
For the ticket price at RM65, a place like E&O is consider cheap.

So I reached E&O at about 6'30pm which is the time to register. I was consider quite early.
Cause we couldn't go into the ballroom yet, I met some of my friends and took pic with them =D

Me and Melissa

Me and Xin Zhi 

We were sitting on the couch, yes there's a couch for us to wait to go into the ballroom.
There's this guy came up with his camera and want to take pics of us.
Well since he asked, why not =D
I know angle problem, that's why my face sooo fat =(( 

Then all are just pictures with friends.
So lazy to explain. ;))

Caryn, Shi Min and Me 

Me and Xin Yi

Me and Chian Chyi

Joanne, Shyn Yih. Winnie, Jia Ying, Chian Chyi, Kim, Cai Ying and Me

Then it's the time to get into the ballroom. 
There's an opening performance with musical instruments and dancing. =D

Then the HM gives an short opening speech.

And is food time.
Well cause we paid only 65 bucks for this whole thing, I did not expect much from the food.
All we have is like fried mee and some fried vege and eggs and some other normal food.

Then I met Pricillia and Eileen. =D
And of course others =)
Selfie time!! =DD

Me and Pricillia

Me and Regina

 Me and Shi Min

 Me and Uncle Phang [Johnathan Phang]

 Me and Tze Hao

 Me, Eileen and Pricillia

 Me , Caryn and Shi Min

Kim, Me , Joanne , Shyn Yih and Cai Ying

 Shyn Yih , Kim and Me

 Me and Jing Tean

Then is performance time =D
Kim's performed singing!! And is really good!! =D
She performed a duet with Roy. And the cup song with many others =)
Chia Lynn also performed K-Pop Dance with her cousin Sabrina =) 

Shyn Yih , Me and Kim 

Eileen , Pricillia , Joanne , Cai Ying , Shyn Yih , Me , Kim and Chian Chyi

Me , Pricillia , Eileen , Shyn Yih and Joanne 

Me and Cai Ying 

So I guess that's it =)
Well I dreamed of a perfect prom before [Day dreaming lol]
But still I had no prom date, I did not dress as fancy that I wanted to be.
But still this prom has gave me an experience I'll never forget =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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