Cruise Trip [Part 3]


Hai HAI!! =DD
Okay, now let's start with part 3 =D
Part 1 :
Part 2 :

*Alert!! Tons of pics in this post*

Daddy came knocking on our door super early in the morning!!
Around 6'30am. *YAWN*
He said let's go watch the sunrise, let's go!!!
And I was like half sleepy and half excited to watch the sunrise.
So I changed into something comfortable and topped off with my cardigan.
Cause is gonna be super cold with the morning wind blowing on the top deck.

While waiting for the sunrise.

Sit back, relax, wait and make a face. =P

At around 7 something, the sun finally came out.

Breakfast!! =)

White grand piano, prettyyyy!!!

#OOTD =)

On the way to Phuket!! =DD

Then Lunch, didn't do much in between. Just sit down and chit chat.
Lunch ain't pretty enough for me to take pics.
Just normal Chinese food.
So I took pics of desserts. =D

Again special service =D
We get to sit on a less crowded and less hot boat on the way to Phuket. =D 

Hai Phuket =DD

Patong Beach.
This was the place that had the worst tsunami in 2004 Dec.

See!! 'Paparazzi' drivers. 
Beautiful place!! =)

We went to Kinnaree Elephant Trekking. =DD

Yeah I was excited.
 Ride on an Elephant 

Baby elephant dancing =)

We sat on a 30 minute ride with the elephant whom called Sally.
After we came back, feeding the elephant time =D

Well bye Sally. 

Cashew nut and a little shopping.
We went to the cashew nut factory.
Too crowded to take pics. =/

Then we went to a view point to take pics of Phuket.
I think is called Phromthep Cape.

Me and Momma =D

We rested at a mall for a while.
And went into KFC. I have to admit, KFC is not my fav fast food to eat.
Their most edible food is cheesy wedges! =)
But in Thailand, I ordered their so called chicken bitez, is like popcorn chicken but just in bigger size.
The best thing is that the flavour is tom yam!!
OMG!! This is just really really good!!
Why they don't sell this in Malaysia??!!

Then off to Patong beach.
[I type wrongly in the part 2 post, it should be Ao Nang beach in Krabi and Patong Beach in Phuket]

Too lazy to edit pics dy =/    

Night life in Patong Beach.
Super crowded.

Tsunami Evacuation Route.
Creepy don't cha think?
Dead people lying there before.

The ribs is amazze-ing!!!
The chicken is good too!!!

Welcome to Patong Beach =D

We ordered tons of food!!

Some fried noodles.

 Pad thai. [If I didn't forget, it should be this one]

Awesome ribs!!


Tom yam soup!! *slurps*


This whole store sells Hello Kitty stuff. lol!!!

We saw many stalls like this selling this pancake as we were walking along Patong Beach.
So decide to order one.
Banana with mango with a little bit of chocolate syrup. =)

Doesn't it look yummy?!
Though the chocolate syrup is only half on it.
Cause mom don't want it to be sweet.

Then we turned into this street, in the beginning it was okay.

But the more we went in, we saw more guys dressing as women, Lol!!
What is that called??
Pondan? But the tourist guide gave them another name, erm....... I forgotten. *embarrassed*
And also tons of clubs.
First time seeing such open clubbing place. 

Lol anyway, there were many original fake branded goods.
It means that it looked like the original one but it's fake, get it? =)
I saw this store that sells caps, those really expensive caps.
After bargaining, I bought the cap at RM50, original price they gave was RM80.
The real price is around RM100+. 

We get to walk the whole day in Phuket, from 12pm till 11pm.
Almost 12 hours. *Tired*
Anyway, when we got back to our cruise ship, there's chocolate waiting for us =D

The lotion, shampoo, body shampoo in the cruise is all from Hermes. =DD

Night view of Phuket. =D

Then off to bed. =)

P.S. Sorry for such a late post. Cause I'm super busy, school just started, now we have to start studying for the next exam dy =(
But before all that, =)
Hope you have a great CNY with your family and friends and create the best memories of it =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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