Cruise Trip [Part 1]


Hey Hey HEY!!!
I'm so so excited to write this for you all!!

I'm going to cross over my bucket list again =D
Cause I was on a CRUISE TRIP!!!
 Go on a Cruise Trip 

My parents planned this trip at the very very last minute, it was almost I say again this whole trip was ALMOST gone because it was too expensive.
But my aunt, the superwoman, somehow she found a 50% discount and even upgraded us to suites =D
How can I not be excited about all this?!
Thank you Aunty!! =DDD

On the 15/12/13
So we went on Star Cruise - Superstar Libra.
For a 4 day 3 night trip to Thailand =DDD!!!
On this trip there's 2 families , my family and my aunt's family and my Grandma. =) 
The cruise ship leaves Penang at 5pm, so we have to reach the jetty at around 3pm.

Hahaha silly bro =DD
The ship is at the back =DD

Candid pic by bro, lol look ugly!
But hey once in a while we have to look ugly =P cause I'm not perfect. 

So on the way into the cruise ship =D
Hehehe we have our own special lane to go in =D
We also have someone who help us to get everything ready, like we can get in earlier, and book table for us in restaurant so no need to wait in line like other people. =D
This all = special service!!  =)

So many people, then I realized there's quite many Japanese. =/

Their entrance haha Balloons!! 

Into the ship we go!! 

We have our own door key card with our name on it.
Lol now can't use dy. So is only a little present from the ship =)

After checked in, and went into the ship.
We went straight into our rooms. Hahaha!! To unpack our stuff  =)
The rooms ain't big as the normal hotel room cause Duh... is in a ship!
Even though is a Junior Suite, but is still consider small compare to normal hotel rooms.
So you can imagine how small the normal rooms are, in the cruise ship.

I can't believe in this trip I get to cancel off so many things in my Bucket List =D
 Stay in a Suite.

Here's the bed for 2 =) 
And I should say that's it hahaha =))

When I open the door, it come to this. A small room/suite

A small vanity beside the bed. 

This was given to us.
It is really an expensive thing!!

The sofa beside the Tv, is actually something really special hahaha
It becomes a mattress hahaha =DDD

The hallway outside our suite.
Super titanic feel. hahaha

These all needed to pay haha =D
They also given us 2 bottle of wine for free.

Okay, so after unpacking and examing our room.
Waiting for the adults to decide on what to do next. =)
Took pic with baby cousin. [annoying cousin]

So we decided to just walked around the ship for a while. 
Cause there's a welcoming party at around 6 something in the evening.

The theme in this cruise is Hello Kitty!!
Lol !! *Speechless*
All places is decorated with Hello Kitty.
This is the theather for shows and movies =) 

Christmas tree =)))  at the lobby.

Hello Kitty perfumes and other things [ I think ]

Some stall that sells expensive things 

Me =D 

Then we went up to the top deck at level 9.
Swimming pool!!
Not one....... 

But two pools!!!

The upper deck.

This guy is teaching us how to use the life jacket when in emergency. 

Double jacuzzi!!

View of Penang. =)

Since my camera is new, my dad took my camera and took selfies!!
*I Fainted* Haha

The ship started moving
And I was using every last bit of my data line to post a vid in Instagram.
Hahaha =DD *I was so anxious at that time*
So do follow my insta @sarahlee95  =)

Bye Bye Penang.

Then the welcoming party started =)


Then performance from a group of performers from Russia.

And also food is served!!!
International buffet *Hmmm*

I like their steak though is tender enough =) 

In salad, I loved their bacon bits!! Yummss!!

Desserts =DD ♥♥♥

Since there's no place to sit, Mom and me sat on the floor haha
A date just the 2 of us.

Until this guy came in to annoy us, ok ok annoy me.

Having our date while watching the sunset =)

Selfie before the sun set =)

Since the Cruise ship started moving, it became really windy, really really windy!!

Love this pic =)  ♥♥

Thanks to bro =D 

After dinner, we went to level 5 where the theater is.
Went in to watch a magic show =D
Very comedy guy =D
Me and the Magician =DD

After the show there was a choir performance at the lobby [since is almost Christmas time]

After all business is done.
Went back to our rooms, bathed and jump onto our bed and watch shows. =D
Free fruits!! =DD

Yes, Doggy follows me everywhere!!

Childhood cartoon!! 
Then off to bed =)
So that's it for our 1st day of our cruise =)

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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