Cruise Trip [Part 2]


Okay Okay now on to part 2!!
Hello people who are so interested in my cruise trip =)
Wanna know what happened in part 1 of the cruise trip

So I slept in late
I was tired!!
Everybody has went down to eat breakfast except me who is still getting ready in the toilet =DD
A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!!

Then is breakfast time =)
Tim sum =)) 

Expensive cup of milo =/
Can't wake up without a cup of Milo haha =D

There's this duty free shop!!
But I didn't buy anything cause there's nothing I need or want =(

This is another store in the ship which is called Ports O' Call
That sells a little bit of everything : snacks, jewelery, souvenir......

#OOTD  =)

Our first stop in Thailand is Krabi =D

We have to sit on a smaller boat to go over to Krabi,
Well since our cruise ship is to big to stop at their small little jetty.

So we went into the small, quite crowded boat and hot!! OMG!!

Bye bye cruise ship will meet you later =) 

Welcome to Krabi!! =D

The taxi drivers come to ask you whether you want a ride or not are just like paparazzi asking celebrities questions.
Is seriously so squeeze-y and crowded!! OMG!!
Planning on where to go.

Tut Tut ride =D
Another one cross over in ma Bucket List =D 
Sit on a Tut Tut 

So we sat on the Tut Tut and went to the famous Ao Nang Beach
The shopping place =)

Hi Cruise ship!!
You are so far away!! 

Doesn't this gallery look like the one Shinee Onew went in to, when he was in Krabi.
But I don't think is the same one. =/
It just look similar to me. *shrugs*

We were out finding lunch, And my uncle brought us to this place. =)
Called Parichat with free wifi!! 

We waited quite long cause they just opened their store.
So here's the food =)
Fried Pohpiah!! *Thumbs Up*

This is either fried prawn or squid I don't remember =/
But it's also really really good!!  ♥♥♥

Who never order Tom Yam in Thailand is weird =P
Tom Yam soup =) 

Fried rice 

I don't remember what is this called but it's quite spicy. 

This is also really good!!!! 

Green curry =) 

That's it for our lunch =D
Which took us almost 2 hours cause of the waiting for the food which come out one by one.

Then many of my friends told me to try their MCD pork burger.
So we walked over there to buy one. =D

Selfie with ma bro =D

We have to reach our cruise ship before 5pm.
So after the little shopping and long awaited lunch and bought the pork buger from MCD.
We sat on the larger Tut Tut to go back to the jetty. 

Back to the jetty =)
A little scenery pics 

Off to the cruise ship =D
After we reached the cruise ship, we tried our pork burger before it gets soggy.
Trying time =D
 *Thumbs Up* =) ♥♥
That is my bro's bite btw.

So now is rest time before dinner =)
And tonight is a Gala Dinner with the Captain =D

A little haul from Krabi =)
Very little right? haha
Two tank tops for RM15 each. =)  ♥♥

Then I went to walk around the ship for a while.
The Stairway to deck 9 which is the top deck.

View of Krabi 

 The Magic Show we watched last night

Since the cruise ship is in Hello Kitty theme.
They put these huge statues of Hello Kitty in a few places.
Me trying to use my camera new function =D And it work quite well. =) 

I was trying to take a close up with this one, cause I don't have a tripod with me.
But one of the worker saw me and helped me instead.
Thanks =) 

Then after a little bit of pictures.
I went up back to my room and get ready for the Gala Dinner.
Dinner Dress Code : Elegant Casual
So is actually quite a semi-formal dinner. =)


This is what I came up, with what I brought =D
Some people wore really formal with the dresses they brought. 

Off to dinner with the Captain =D
We were with the captain but just different table. Sad right haha


 Farmer Salad for Appetizer

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

Main Course
Oven Baked Turkey Breast for Mom 

Grilled Beef Tenderloin for Dad and Me 

After I took so many pics of food, my grandma ask me : You wanna take a pic of mine too?
So I did =D
Seafood Trio for Grandma 

The Captain =D 

Dessert for Everyone!!
Tiramisu cake ever!!!♥♥♥

Then this guy came to take pics again.
He took pics of us when we abroad the cruise ship, when we went to Krabi, Now this Gala Dinner. 
Then they will print pics for us calling us to buy, in a super expensive price. ><!!

Then the waiter and waitress start dancing lol.!! 

After the dinner, we went to level 5 where the theater is to watch the performance from Russia group.

After the performance, we went back to my room and I had a little supper cause I was craving for it. =D

So ya, that's what we did on the 2nd day =DD

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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