Spring Fashion 2017 for Men & Women


Hiiii!! I'm BACK! :D
Finally we are in the 2nd half of the semester. And yesterday I finally completed one of the huge assignments. I hope it goes well, and now is time for me to rest and chill.

Bonobos asked me to create a fashion mood board for both women and men for this upcoming Spring! I gladly accepted it! Thinking of the trends and 2017's colours. I finally did it!

First of all is for us women.
Off shoulders has become a huge trend for this year, and incorporate with that trend adding with one of this year's colour - this soft pink colour. Thus choosing this off shoulders dress will be perfect for spring.
Also having a sky blue colour from the shoes is also a trendy colour this year.
Combining both colours for this outfit is a great colour scheme.
Holding that sling bag with a hint of floral blue pattern is the perfect design for spring!
How can you not say yes to floral patterns!

Spring Fashion Casual 2017

As for the men, I hope this will help your fashion of just T-shirts and pants with slippers.
Another trendy colour this year is this shade of nude, Hazelnut colour.
I find men can pull off this look really well.
Having a nice casual jacket makes the overall look way better.
Instead of wearing slippers or sandals, wear slip-ins shoes. As they give off a look that you put lots of effort in. An overall well-put look. Which is great!
Off white, nude and a touch of light grey with black shoes. You will be ready for spring!
Spring Men Casual 2017!

If you guys did find this helpful.
Please do comment down below and I'll be happy to read through them =)
And that's it for now.
Until next time :)

Love Me!! XOXO 💕💕

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