Three Sisters, Echo Point @ Blue Mountains


Hey! =)

Before my semester starts, I went up to the Blue Mountains a few times. 
And I manage to just stay up there for a few days too. 
With this chance, I manage to capture the real beauty of the Blue Mountains.
This picture was taking when the sun is setting, I love the view here during sunset!
It's just breathtaking! 

This picture was taken when we woke up in the early morning like 7am-ish.
My uncle was so excited that he woke us up just to see this. 
And it was amazing! 
It feels like you were above the clouds. 
Just to say it happened during the winter, cause by my knowledge from my uncle, it never happen in other seasons. (Idk~) 
But just how spectacular this is!  
And so we walked over to the first sister walk!
Yes there is a track to walk over, and I do recommend you to do it!
It's an easy 20-30 minutes walk, and there's stairs to help you anyway.
So I'm sure you guys can do it too!
At night, I have a habit to just stand still and look up to the sky and stargaze.
Coming here to the Blue Mountains gave me this hobby which is to enjoy and relax the night view.
Even the weather is like 1°C, I would still enjoy doing it! [Because is amazing! The sky is filled with thousand and millions of stars, and sometimes you can even see some shooting stars!]

Then, me and my cousins decided to do the most craziest thing, which is to take pictures of the stars. 
Just to say, it was very very windy that day, so even though the temperature is 5°C it feels like -1°C!! 
And we have to stand still for like 30 seconds so that the picture can be taken. Even though 30 seconds doesn't feel long, but standing there in the cold windy night, it is FREEZING! 
But the picture came out great! 
And of course, just to end this post with a random picture of me when I took in the Blue Mountains hahaha (Fake candid picture!) 
Top: Forever 21
I really enjoy myself when I was up there, and I really hope that you guys can experience that too.
Because you can feel how relax you are when you are up there!
Come here when you are in Sydney, Australia!
And I promise you will enjoy it!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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