My Other Christmas Present 2015!


Hi Hi Guys!!

I know I know, that Christmas is like almost a month gone and why I am here talking about my other Christmas present that I received right?

Let rewind back to last year kay? =)
Well, my older bro got me this really cute planner for 2016.
To start the new year, being organize!
How nice of him to give me this advice~

Why I didn't put it together with my Christmas post is because I don't have the time to take pics of this present. =D

There two designs that my brother brought back, one is a dark blue background with foxes around it.
And another is this turquoise colour with polka dots on them!

The brand of the planner is called Mossery, and is actually made from local!
I never heard of this brand until I have it, how bad of me that I knew nothing of Malaysia made brands and products!
They have really nice designs, I must say so myself.
I think it is also customizable. Which is awesome! =)
I don't know how much it costs, cause it's a gift from my bro.

But in a overall planner, this gives off way more, except from this kinds of normal calenders that we can write in.
Not only we can keep up with our activities.
There's also place where we can write our inspirations, our goals, and our notes!
It's like in a one book it fits everything!
I can write literally everything in there!

Thank you Bro!!

P.S.: I haven't start using it yet, and I really should start now.
January is almost gone already! (Like what?!)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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  1. I have been using planner since a year ago and it really helps me to get my self organized. You better starting to use it, Sis. :)

  2. such a cute planner! i love cute planners but i never write in them as i didnt want to ruin them haha always happens

  3. oh vy nice lucky brother nvr gave me any present...

  4. Love those note pad, and that polka dot cover! omg! cuteness overloaded

    Do drop by... GreenStory

  5. Aww...its so nice that your brother put in so much thought to give you such a wonderful present :)

  6. I've been planner for years and trust me, it helps me a lot! I hope you love your planner when you start using it :D

  7. I'm not a planner person and never owned one. But I like keeping a small note in my everyday bag. I feel at easy that way than actually having a planner.

  8. great story to tell and share with us.
    and thank you for the tips to "plan your years" without any wasting moment.

  9. I'm a huge fan of cute stationery and loving your Christmas presents here.

    xoxo - GIG Love - Style .. A Pastiche!

  10. Such an adorable planner. I would love one for work!!


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