Kenny G Concert in Genting 2015!


HI Hi!! =D
I'm gonna write an exciting event that happened last weekend!

17th Oct 2015
My family head down to KL.
But the main reason we went down is for Kenny G's concert in Genting!

Just to give you guys a heads up!
All the pictures were taken with my phone camera, and sorry that it's a little bit blurry.

The concert starts at 8.30pm.
Well it was written that it will start at 8.30pm.
We reached the arena at around 8pm, and saw many people queuing up and holding CDs.
I overheard that the one and only Kenny G will be giving autographs later on.
So, me and bro got so excited, and went over to buy a album.
(We had a few of his albums at home)
Bro queued up, while Mom and I wait beside.

Then, The Awesome Saxophone Player came out!
You know how it is right?
People squeezing here and there just to take a picture of him.
Well me and mom did the same.
While mom gave up, I tried my best to take a good shot.
Which is this picture below.
Then, only I realised that 'Damn I'm so small/tiny!'
Even lifting my phone up to take a picture is not that easy.

Bro came back with a signed CD! And we happily queued up to go in the arena.
The place was 90% packed of people.
Aunt who helped us buy the tickets, got us quite good seats.
We can see the stage clearly! =)

 The Signed CD! =D
 I love their lighting, it's just so 'Whao!'
He started his performance at the back of the arena.
And came down.
(Really know how to treat his listeners)
Stood in the middle of the crowd and played around 2 songs.
He played the Clarinet much more compared to the Saxophone.
What he impressed me the most is that he can play the clarinet for around 3 minutes long without stopping!
I was like 'Wah!'
The concert was around an hour and 45 minutes, which all of us said that it was worth it.
It's not easy to play the Saxophone/Clarinet for so long.
He played more than 10 songs for sure, but I lost count in the end.
It was definitely a worth it concert! =)

I enjoyed the concert nonetheless!
If I could, I would go back again! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. The event looks really amazing and that's great that you had fun.

  2. Last time I attended his concert I was in college, I used to be a fan of Kenny G before I turned on to listening to Rock and Country. But Kenny G is amazing.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

  3. Such a fun time it looks. I really wish to have such a carefree life...
    - Heena,

  4. Wow kenny g!! Is music is greatt

  5. Great that you enjoyed the concert and by the way you write this post surely tells why. I do not the artist though, but looks like he's a good one.

  6. You seem to have enjoyed your evening a lot! It must be great to hear him live :)

  7. Aww... i can feel it was an awesome event! though im not really a concert person!

    do drop by... GreenStory

  8. The concert sounds amazing. I hope you had a rocking time with your family :)

  9. btw, he did not play the clarinet. I was there, he played only soprano, alto and tenor saxophone :) no offence. sorry. Just telling u


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