How to Style Shoulder Length Hair!


Hi Hi guys!! 
I'm back with another hair post! 
As you guys know, that I had chopped a few inches of my hair. Here
Now with this new length of hair.
The hairstyle that I would probably wear (if I'm not such a lazy bum) are these! =)

1. Twisted Side Braid.
I just took all my bangs (since my bangs are long) and twists them.
Pin them just behind my ears.
Adjust the puffiness that you like and you're done!!
Perfect for days when you want your bangs out of your face. =)
2. Half Up Half Down.
I guess this is pretty easy for you all.
Just gather all the hair above your ears to the back.
I just use a pretty clip and just pin all the hair together.
3. Braid Half Up Half Down.
If you are a professional in French Braids, it will look even more prettier!!
But for me, I wanted to make it quick and easy.
So I just take 2 chunks of hair at the side of my hair and braid them.
Normal braid, nothing fancy!
And after braiding, just tie it off with a elastic band.
Bring both braids to the back and pin them together with bobby pins.
Taaddaahh, you will look awesome in this look! =)
4. Accessorize
And of course, if you are a lazy bum like me.
Just wear some head accessories.
This is my floral headband from Forever 21.
Still look girly, cute and adorable =)
5. Messy Bun.
If your hair isn't going the way you like on that particular day.
Then just tie it up to a messy bun!
I'd written a post (way back) on how I tie my Messy Bun in a post which is 'How to Get Non Heat Natural Wavy Hair'
That was when my hair was really long.
But is all the same method and it still works in my shoulder length hair. =)
There will be some pieces falling off, especially when your hair is layered.
So just use a bobby pin and pin them up. =)
All these hairstyles are pretty quick and easy hairstyles, that are perfect for school and work.
Hope you guys like it.
And share if you did it! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. My hair is around the same length of yours now (had about 4 inches chopped off). I'm too lazy and never have enough time to style my hair with braids and such, so I usually just bun it like you do. On weekends, I straighten or curl my hair and just let it loose.

  2. I do have a shoulder length hair and find it almost difficult to style it appropriately. Thank you for sharing these styles will order it to my style guide

    xoxo - GIG Love - Chaithra Style.. A Pastiche

  3. You look really pretty in this hair cut, it has been long since i cut my hairs this short.

  4. Such great ideas! Perfect for my hair. Would love to try out the messy bun :)

  5. love all the style hun look so pretty!

  6. Love your hair styling. My hair is just touching shoulder, cant wait to try that braided look.

  7. love the twisted side braid. ive been debating on whether to cut my hair to shoulder length for a while

  8. Great styles! I love a messy bun for my everyday look at university.


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