A Day in My Life Through Snapchat!


Hi hi guys!! 
It's another week, with another post! 
Yay!!!! =D

I was having a major writer's block, and don't know what I want to write. 
Suddenly, I thought of this title which is actually quite interesting and unique =)
I'm just trying it out on how you guys will like it. 

I'll be showing you guys one of the much more eventful day in my life.
Not everyday in my life is so fun and eventful. 
Some of my days were just laying on my bed the whole day, so don't misunderstand it. =) 
With the pictures I took from Snapchat, hope you guys enjoy. =) 
Lol!! *Bareface alert!!*
It was a Tuesday, so I had class, and it was Public Speaking class. 
It was my turn to do my impromptu speech! 
Gosh I was so nervous!! 
It all came out okay! =) 
And after the speech was done.
It was other people's turn.
So boredom came along, and I started playing with Snapchat's new feature which is this selfie filter.
Lol Idk why I had the same face for both filters, so... erm ya, sorry lol.
Class was done for the day! 
And I head back home. 
Feeding my fishes were my chore. Lol!! 
Pretty fishes!!! =D 
*Every video from Snapchat is only 10 seconds* 
Then we head out, was waiting for Dad to do some things in church. 
I was so hungry at that time!! I needed food!!! >< 
This is my bro's signature pose pic!
Hahaha!! Only those eyes!
I was having lunch at a Indian restaurant!
It was soo good!! =)
Tandoori is the best!! =D
Mom loves the naan!! =D
I love the curry ♥♥
Then we went flower shopping!
Mom needed some for her own project!
So I guess you can see that the colour Pink caught my attention immediately! ♥♥
Head back home after all the errands!
And had a nap =)
Or maybe watched some Youtube videos or did some reading. ( I don't remember)
The song is one of my favs now!! 
And then I had to do some errands for mom. =/
Came back home and helped my mom to prepare dinner!
Home made strawberry smoothie!! ♥♥
And my dinner was only a bowl of salad, because we were all still full from lunch!
And this big baby was sad that she couldn't come out! Lol!! =D
Did some colouring when I'm in the mood, or when I have free time. =)
And here's my usual night routine, after showering.
Laid in bed and used my laptop until I feel sleepy, and sleep! zzzZZZZZZZ
So that's basically my day!
I do spend time with friends too, I just didn't take any pics with them lol!
Cause we see each other almost everyday!
Family is always my first priority!
So spending time with my family is the most important thing to do! =)
Especially now that both my brothers are not in Penang anymore.
I have that responsibility to spend time with my parents much more.
I'm trying hard to balance school, friends and family time all together.
So I hope you all understand!

Of course I have some even much more eventful than this.
But this is practically my normal kind of day.
School, assignments, errands, family and friends =)

So this is my usual Snapchat is, with selfies and funny ones too.
And also lots of random pics!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Very nice post, i love tandoori chicken and that strawberry smoothie looks yummy.

  2. Wow!! I wish I did so many things in my day!! Its always great to spend quality time with your family. Thanks for reminding me to get a new colouring book.
    I want all the food you had.


  3. Seriously, it feels like everyone I know via blogging is on Snapchat LOL. I did create an account but never really had a chance to do anything there. haha. The food looks delicious by the way hehe

  4. My friends are all addicted with Snapchat! I am trying my best no to get myself addicted too!

  5. Such cute photos! It was great to get you know through Shapchat :)

  6. i love using snapchat! at first i was like er whats all the fuss about it but i love it now

  7. Oh Snapchat... everyday there is a new platform and it gets so difficult getting on each. So i've decided to stick to a few and thats all. Btw lovely pictures.
    Heena, www.iCynosure.in

  8. Seems you're pretty active there. I have a snapchat acc but never used that. I'm always struggling being active in social media ha ha..

    do drop by... GreenStory

  9. It's soo nice to be able to see your day's story on snapchat. I'm not on snapchat for now. Glad you liked the Indian Curry ;) I'm an Indian, and whenever my friends keep complaining me that curries are very spicy here

    xoxo - GIG Love - Chaithra - Style.. A Pastiche

  10. I love SnapChatting these days too ^_^ Haha
    I love the food pics <3 Tandoori chicken is my fav though ;) x

  11. i have not try snap chat yet hahha...those flower are so beautiful!

  12. I have snapchat but don't get the chance to test its features. Though I sometimes stalk on people's post. I just don't think id be on it.

  13. I haven't tried Snapchat yet but looks like many are liking this app. I might try this soon!


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