How to Get NON HEAT Natural Wavy Hair


Hey Beauties ♥

This is going to be a small easy hair tutorial =D
This hairstyle is very very very important in my life! haha
Well, this is my signature hair, I wear it everyday. =)) ♥♥♥
It depends to be very wavy or not on a day.
And of course, for me to be a little shameless,
Many people, actually a lot of people that I knew love my hair.♥♥
They always compliment my hair because is thick enough and natural wavy.♥
And I'm thankful for that =D

This pic below is for my Pinterest.
If you do have one, follow me =D HERE!!
Even though I don't have much followers but I love to repin other people's stuff.
Is just so pretty!! *melts* ♥♥

So, little background story.
I never cut my hair short before, never in my school year.
My secondary school allowed us to keep our hair long, and so is my primary school which is normal.
Like those kind of really short hair, etc : pixie cut or bob, I never cut them that short before.
My shortest hair that I've experienced, the length is around my shoulder.
Yup!! Shoulder- Length hair is my shortest hair I've experienced.
So I've always tried many many medium to long hair hairstyles.  HERE!

This is by far, My Fav!! ♥♥
I love wavy hair, like those beachy waves kind.
I have naturally wavy hair, which I received many compliments from.
So to make it even more prettier, I found a way while scrolling through Youtube, and is also non-heat which is even better!!
Because using too much heat will spoil my hair.
I don't even own any straightener or curling iron. So all I have is a hair-dyer.

This is also good for one of the holiday hairstyles =D
So let's begin!!
How do we change this become that???

1. Is the best, you do this when your hair is a little damp. Or after your shower/ washing your hair. 
Let your hair air dry. Like this the waves will stay more longer. 

2. Then put your hair up into a high/low ponytail. [Is really up to you guys what position you like to put.]
Don't tie your hair up yet, just hold it with one hand!!

3. When one hand is holding the ponytail use the other hand to twist it. 
I'm a right handed, so I use my left hand to hold my ponytail and use my right hand to twist it. 
I twist the clockwise direction. But is up to you gals which direction make you more comfortable. 

4. After twisting till the end of the ponytail, twist the whole ponytail into a bun. Use a hair tie to tie it up. It stays on your head, but sometimes it will be lose and falls off. So just tie it up again, it's no biggy. =P 

5. This is best you do it during night time and sleep through with your hair tie up like that. So the next day you can get pretty waves. =) 
Well duh, cause I'm not using any heat, means the time to form the curls/ waves increases.

6.Finally, after all that sleeping and waiting.
Slowly untie the hair tie, and WAAALLLAAAHHH!!!
You're hair is pretty as ever!! =D ♥♥♥♥
Spray some hairspray on.
And you are ready to go =DD ♥♥

Tip & Tricks
-You don't have to do only at night. When the weather is hot like here in Malaysia. Just tie it up like that. It's not a bad hairstyle to tie it too =)

This one, after I tied my hair up in 2 days straight, cause I'm home the whole time due to exam.
And of course I super love the waves, so I took a or two pic of it =D

-Or if you staying at home whole day, just tie it up. Your curls will be much more prettier!! 
-Sometimes, when you are doing somethings your hair will fall off cause is quite lose. So just re-tie it again =) 
-The longer you tie, the more wavier your hair will be. 

Ya, fat face alert!! 

Hope you all like this small and easy tutorial =)
Is just something I am good at and I love to share it to you guys =))
BTW!! Have you guys watch Hunger Games : Catching Fire and Frozen??
They are awesome!!
The songs in Frozen are stuck in my head for days now!!! *So dead* Hahaha  ♥♥♥

Anyway have fun trying out and Good Luck!!

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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