2013.08.10 Out with Dar!


HII Readers!!
I know I know, this was sooooo long ago
But I just saw it in my draft sitting there for so long,
I forget to post it =( 

So on 10/8/13 I went out with Nicole, a good friend of mine, who is a year older then me.
I know I have many friends who are older then me, who are close. *shrugs*
Nicole came back from her school, for Raya holiday, so why not hang out right???
So I picked her up and we went to Gurney, then Gurney Paragon Mall. =D
I haven't been to Paragon Mall, after it opened, yea I know I'm a slow kind of person =/
We parked at Gurney cause it's a little bit more cheaper?? haha
We went to buy tickets for our movie 1st. the line was like so long, we started queuing at the end of the rope thingy, after we got in the front, the line increases till the massage chairs there. Freaky!!!
Then we walked over to Gurney Paragon Mall.
My 1st impression is Waaahhh so big!!
Then after walking up I was like so confused and realized then it's much smaller than I thought =/
We wanted to have Sushi Zanmai for lunch, but the queue is like sooo long.
So we went to Pasta Zanmai instead, still need to wait for 15 mins, but it's quite fast la. =)

The menu is like half Japanese and half Italian, but I think the combination ain't bad. haha
While waiting for our food we vain a bit. haha =DDDD
[Ignore my fat face] 

Nicole and her lala pose, but failed epic-ly haha

Then our food arrive, must have one last pic before they get digested haha
I had tempura something but I will call it tempura spaghetti and it taste not bad at all, actually it's quite good =D 
 Green Tea =))
Then we went to H&M
I was so happy shopping and I didn't take any pics.
I was a little bit sad that the store was small. =(
I bought a light green skater skirt, super love!! ♥
It's only like RM39.90.
I also bought a floral headband, super love too ♥♥
And I also bought Nicole her early birthday pressie, a fit dress that she super love =D

After all the waiting in line to pay, we rushed back to Gurney to watch our movie haha.
We watched Percy Jackson : The Sea of Monsters.

 Love the water-horse-like creature.

Not offending anything just that I didn't read the books, so ya, no knowledge of them.
I would say the movie is not bad, for a person like me who didn't read the books.
My cousin who did read them, was disappointed with the movie, cause they missed out a lot.
Oh well as long I'm satisfied =D

Then after the movie, we wanted to waste some time but we were lazy to walk around Gurney.
So we just bought a cup of Starbucks each and just sit and chat.
Me and my Starbucks and my H&M.!!
[I know there's something weird, but I have no idea what. maybe the eyes??]
[pic taken by Nicole] 

 HEE I had my pink extensions on =))
Then we went off to church.
So yup that's how I spent my day with my dar, Nicole. =))

So it's been 2 weeks since my last post because I was busy with some choir performance.
And I went on a vacation with ma family. will blog about it soon.
And after this post onwards [I think] The pics will be in much more better quality. =D
Can't wait to share it with you all. ;)

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥

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