Hairstyles =)


Hey hey =))
I love love love to watch hair tutorials on Youtube.
Cause my hair is long enough to do almost any hairstyles =D
But of course there's a disadvantage, my hair is layered, so it means there will be 'fly-aways' or it won't be successful =/

I love watching Cute Girls Hairstyles channel on Youtube, which is one of the channels that I watched for hair styling=)
CGH for short =)
This channel is about hair tutorial that was taught by a mother with 6 children.
She have 5 daughters, so it means doing their hair for school is really necessary =)
She started with a blog on hair tutorials, but then it's way more easier to teach on video, so that's how she started on Youtube.
She teaches really nice, awesome and easy but look complicated hairstyles that everyone can do on their own.
And I think she is very very very awesome!!
Here are some of the hairstyles =)) 

Mindy, who is the mother of 6, who teaches hair tutorials.

So after watching, of course I'll be inspired and wanted to try, right??
I did some =)
some were successful and some aren't =/

1. Left top pic and bottom is the same hairstyle, that is snake-braid. Cool right?! =D
2. The pic in the middle is a braided up-do =) super korean-ish =P
3. The one on the top right is a braided headband =DD
4. Right bottom is a flipped in half up half down =)) 
 Side braided with some purple scarf thing haha.
Cute right?? That pic was taken a long time ago.
And I also posted about it on my blog once =)

I've also mastered the fishtail braid, like finally!!

So, now I've done more new and much challenging hairstyles.
Doing hairstyles on my own is very hard because I can't see the back of my head.
Is all go by touch.

This is a flower braid.
I've done it with my pink extensions cause dark coloured hair won't be that easy to see. =) 
I love this!!

Then there was another hairstyle that I did [26/8/13] =D
It's the hair bow up do.
It's super hard to do on my own. But I did it =D
And it was my 1st time doing it too. [ super satisfied!!]
Cause there were many different ways to do it.
I was finding the easiest way on Youtube.
If you do know Xiaxue, she have this show called Xiaxue : Guide to Life by clicknetwork.
She had one episode that teaches how to do this hairstyle too =DD

So this is my result haha =D
The more I see it the more it doesn't look like me. 
I look like some kind of Japanese girl. =/

When I was done with this hairstyle, I was like ok my hair is very long. haha
Last time I also wanted to do this, but my hair wasn't long enough to do it.
Right now I can, means I have to cut my hair a little haha =D

A few days earlier I learnt the infinity knot / pretzel knot.
I was super in love with it!
Too bad I couldn't do on the back of my head.
Cause there's weaving going on.
So I did it on my little friend's hair haha =D
This is how it looks like. =D
I know it's not neat enough... oh well *shrug*

Then I was watching a variety show from Korea, they had this girl who has talent to make different hairstyles real quick.
I've learnt some too =)
Short hair!!!!
People who are curious how I look in short hair, taaaadddaaahhhh!! =D
I look weird haha, never gonna cut my hair short!! No way!!
So this is the short hair bob up do.
Damn easy to do nia =D  

So that's it for my hairstyle story ;)

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥

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