Thank you!! 4/9/13


I know this happened a long time ago. =D
But... now it's up haha

I received a small birthday surprise from my college gang.
Feel so loved ♥
Like I said in my birthday post, I didn't expect much from my friends.
So, I really did not expect anything from them.

WARNING: It's gonna be very wordy..

My birthday has already past.
My friend Eileen is having her birthday on the 6 of Sept.
We both were only 3 days apart.
A little info before the story ;)

So as usual, we had our lunch break for 2 hours.
Because we had around 8 person to go for lunch, we used 2 cars.
CaiYing, ShynYih and Joanne went into one car.
Kim, me, Eileen, ChianChyi and ChiaLynn in another.
We usually wait for each other then only go out together.
The weird thing was CY, SY and Joanne went out really fast, when me and the others were waiting for Kim to finish her class.
I did not suspect a thing. -.-
Me so blur!!! *sigh*

We went to The Cruises Steak House.
Not a bad place for lunch, cause it's quite cheap. =)
Especially the lunch set.

We sat at the long table at the corner of the restaurant, I sat facing the way that the waiters can come in to serve us, cause that part is the cushion chairs hahaha and not the single wooden chairs. =D
So basically I can see everyone coming in and out.
When I sat down, I realised that CC and Kim were exchanging glance, then shrugs and then sat down infront of me.
I thought they wanted to sit on the cushion chair, but I didn't bother to ask haha.
And also CY, SY and Joanne who left us like 15 mins earlier than us, came even more late then us.
CC was like maybe they went back home to take things.
Blur me again!! Who believe those stuff!! *frustrated*

So everything was normal, we ordered, waited, chatted a lot.
Another weird thing is that quickly call them to bring out the dessert, even though we weren't in a rush to class.
I didn't bother to ask also, because I've done eating my stuff. Hee =D
But Joanne ate really Really REALLY fast. Even though her food came last.
In my mind, I was like, why is she eating so fast? We are not in a rush anyway.
Anyway dessert came, ICE CREAM!! ♥
So, when we were almost done with our dessert, the waitress who served us, off the wind system of the air con, cause the air con is blowing us directly.
I thought she was being considerate cause we were eating ice cream and we were cold, so she off the wind system. -.-
Blur me again!!
Then a while later, she came in with a lighted cake in her hands, I was looking at her and my eyes widen.
Shocked? Of course.
They began to sing
Happy Birthday to you 
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Then I was like this isn't for me, my birthday has pass already.
They were clapping hands and singing the song, only left me and Eileen were stunned, shocked face. [I guess, cause I know I'm putting a confused face, not really sure abt Eileen.]
Then I started clapping my hands cause I was thinking this surprise is for Eileen.
Then they sang :
Happy Birthday to Eileen and Sarah 
Happy Birthday to you

Then I only knew this was for both of us.
That's why, all the acting weird but yet I didn't bother to care.
So Cy, Sy and Joanne went to buy a cake.
And CL even came out for lunch which is a miracle.[We were having trial exam the next week]
That's why she came out, she wanted to celebrate Eileen's birthday.
Of Course!!
Blur me!!
I didn't even bother to go and care these little details so much.

Our cake. =)
Tiramisu cake. ♥♥
One candle for Eileen and one candle for me. =DD  ♥♥
We didn't even bother to cut it and just use the spoons to scoop it out and eat. =DD
This is our style of eating a cake =D
Fast and easy ;))

The waitress took out a digital camera haha
And called us to stand together to take a pic.
So we took it.
After we were done, she came back with a something like envelope thing, with a printed pic inside.
Bad thing is that there's only one. 
Eileen said she didn't want it and call me to take it.
I was thinking that she should take it because her birthday is coming up and mine had pass already.
So..... I was like wReally??!! The others were thinking it isn't fair too.

On her bday they printed one for her too =))

This one is from Cy's phone =) 

Anyway thank you for the small surprised and the good /weird acting =D
And also the cake =))
Love you guys very much ♥♥♥

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥♥

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