A new age, a new look =D


Hi Hi dear Readers =))

On 30/8/13, I went to my hair salon to have my hair treatment =D
My mom was like talking with my hairdresser that I've been nagging her to let me dye my hair. =DD
My hairdresser was like really cool and asked me : what do you want??
Lol !!!
Suddenly, I was thinking from what kind of hair dying method then colours.
I've always wanted red hair. 
So I chose red.
Don't ask me what kind of red I chose, my hairdresser made those choices haha
All I say is that I want red hair that's all. 
Then I did not choose to dye my whole head cause for sure will kena scold.
So for precautions I'll just dip dye my hair =/

So here goes:
The mixture is pink-ish colour =/ 

So it just came out this much and not red enough.
I wasn't pleased enough =(
But my hairdresser was saying if ur dad still allows you ma next time do more brighter lo =D
And I super hate straight hair on me!!

It isn't obvious enough, but oh well...
If you really can't see it =\
The top part is my real dark dark brown/black hair and the bottom is my red hair =))
[ I did not edit my eyes, it's like super huge when I took it, awesome!!] haha 

Haha the next day I asked my cousin to help me take a pic from behind under the sunlight =D
It's much more obvious in the naked eye compare from pictures =\

In this pic is way more obvious then the other pics I tried to take.=) ♥♥

Wanna know where I did my hair
Visit and please like his fb page : HERE
Although they don't update much -.-

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

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