Kl trip


went 2 KL again
this time is 2 fetch my bro back 2 penang LOL
so yea....
went 2 1 utama n pavilion
i'm in love with pavilion's uniited bears =DD
i took some pics with them but in my mom's fon will upload next time
let's start in the morning~
my baby cousin shouted when he saw the airplane
he shouted : AIRPLANE!!!!!

 went for breakfast he drank [teh -peng]
 den we ate mee 2gether =))
 both same hairstyle guys~
 i bought tutti frutti for my baby cousin ~
 playing 'his' i-pad [doremon game]

 went 2 Mark & Spencer =))
pig candy~!!!!
 little vain~
 baby cousin became crazy~!!!!
 den play mom's phone
 i bought a [love] ring ~
 became a pig in the car

 LOL i love love love this pic =DDD

 at 1st he say he DOWAN!!! the fried rice
his mom put some in his bowl
den he say nice
next he took the whole plate n started 2 eat it
then he push the fried rice 2 my bro n say NICE!!!!
 damn so many great ice cream~
 i LOVE this fitting room!! [SUPERMAN!!!]
 pavilion Christmas decoration~

 had Snowflakes as supper =))

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